I’m glad it’s Friday but where did the week go? 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and find a way to stay cool. I have a busy weekend filled with home projects (installing a new light fixture), breakfast with a friend, a neighborhood party and running errands in between. I don’t have time to go to the spa but am hoping I can find time to do a facial and manicure at home. A mini spa day (or few hours) at home would be a relaxing treat. 

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy all the little things life has to offer… xoxo, v.
Optimistic/Approachable - I'm really drawn to this pop of color; handwritten font (prefer plain to cursive fonts though):

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One of the things you do while studying interior design is learn about the many different design styles that have evolved throughout the decades. Through my studies many moons ago I developed a great deal of respect for a variety of different decorating styles. My own style has evolved over the years but I’ve learned that I am a traditionalist by nature and always gravitate toward traditional details when it comes to decor. Since those early days in design school I created a mental list of decorating accessories that I have always wanted to  purchase and call my own. I am happy to report that I can cross one item off my “want” list: a Federal style mirror. If you read yesterday’s post then you already know that I recently purchased one while on vacation. What a great souvenir!

Let’s take a look a closer look at the Federal style mirror and see how it has been incorporated into a variety of spaces.

federal style mirror via reviving charmfederal style mirror 5 via reviving charm

Another decorating detail that I am particularly fond of is how mirrors (or artwork) is hung on a bookshelf, as seen in the pictures above and below. federal style convex eagle mirror by reviving charmfederal style convex mirror reviving charmfederal style mirror 3 via reviving charmfederal style mirror 1 via reviving charmfederal style convex eagle mirror by reviving charmfederal style mirror 4 via reviving charm

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I can’t go on a vacation without buying something…anything…to bring home. A vacation never really feels complete without coming home with a token picked up somewhere along the trip. The souvenirs I enjoy the most are those that I can use to decorate our home. They are visual reminders of wonderful trips and happy times. I love walking through our home and recalling a memory about a particular piece; where we acquired it or how we acquired it. Sometimes the story behind the memento is just as interesting as the piece itself.

vintage antique sign original photo by REVIVING CHARM

The thrill of a discovering a keepsake is always exhilarating but one of the best parts is coming home and actually unpacking our found treasures. Mr. B and I spend the Fourth of July weekend in Julian, California and one of the highlights was visiting the antique, vintage, and junks shops (some places felt like walking onto the set of Sanford & Son) during our long weekend away. The suitcases were unpacked and loads of clothes washed immediately but I didn’t get around to unpacking my wrapped souvenirs until this past weekend. I forgot what I bought so it really did feel like Christmas in July. Here’s a glimpse at our finds.SOUVENIERS FROM JULIAN CALIFORNIA BY REVIVING CHARM

The hammered silver will be used for flowers picked from the garden, as well as the hobnail and Fenton glass pieces. The lady that sold me the silver asked if I was okay with the “dents” in the silver. I had a moment of panic and asked her to point them out since I didn’t see any dents. After a bit of discussion she clarified herself  and said she was talking about the “dents all over the pieces”. She was actually trying to describe the hand hammered pattern on each of the pieces which is an intentional design characteristic by the manufacturer and not a flaw.

I grabbed the wood framed Federal style mirror off the wall without even knowing its price. I have always wanted one and I squealed with delight inside my head  after seeing the price tag: a mere $18. This was purchased from the same lady who sold me the “dented silver”.

federal style mirror via REVIVING CHARM

I have to credit Mr. B for finding the metal pineapple doorstopper because I completely overlooked it. It needs a light cleaning but it has already been put to good use. Mr. B really is the best shopping companion…the best companion in general. PINEAPPLE DOORSTOP by REVIVING CHARM

All photos are original by Reviving Charm.


Happy Friday! It’s also the last day of a week dedicated to fun summertime posts. A little bit of everything was covered: decor, style, and entertaining. Today we’re keep it cool and taking a virtual dip in the pool. Let’s enjoy some poolside living today, shall we?

beautiful pool via reviving charm

When Mr. B and I were searching for a home 3 years ago I remember our realtor asking us how we felt about a home with a pool. Our response was simple: If it’s the right house and it doesn’t have a pool that’s fine. But if a pool comes with the house, we will consider it an added bonus.  We looked at a countless number of houses but ended up purchasing our seaside ranch home…without a pool. I admit to daydreaming from time to time of having our own private pool…a saltwater pool. After swimming in a saltwater pool you’ll never want to go back to a chlorinated waters again. There’s no chlorine smell and it’s easier on the hair and skin. Plus, you can float  in the water easier…a fun, added bonus. The temperatures are rising out of control here in Southern California so I thought I would finish off the week by offering up something cool and refreshing to look at hoping to distract from the sweltering heat. And with the weekend quickly approaching in just a matter of a few hours its time to let the daydreaming begin. I don’t know what your daydreams look like but right now mine look something like this… pools via reviving charmbeautiful pool via reviving charm 1beautiful pools via reviving charmBEAUTIFUL POOL DESIGN via Reviving Charm 1outdoor living and beautiful pools via reviving charm 1

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It’s Day 4 of the summer inspired posts for this week and today we’re talking about summer style.  

When it comes to summer style, one of the “must have” accessories is a a tote bag. It’s the most versatile accessory that can actually be used from season to season. Plus, it’s a classic accessory that never goes out of style. Earlier this year I purchased the one you see below from Parker Thatch.

summer style summer tote bag via REVIVING CHARM

I actually purchased the Parker Thatch canvas tote bag as a Mother’s Day gift for my own mom. One of the main reasons I ordered this particular tote is because you can include a personalized message to be printed on the inside of the bag. You can see the placement of the message in the picture below. However, I did blur out the actual message to respect our privacy. I am happy to report that my mother really loved her gift. Who doesn’t love something made just for them?

parker thatch personalized canvate tote bag VIA REVIVING CHARM

The personalized canvas tote bag comes in three sizes. I opted to purchase the small, which is actually a nice size for everyday type of use. The canvas used is a nice quality; thick and sturdy to stand upright on its own. The stitching was straight and secure. The leather handles are a nice touch and the perfect length. In my experience with tote bags sometimes handles can be too short or too long.

personalized tote bag via REVIVING CHARM

You can also personalize the bag further by adding a monogram on the front side. By default the design comes printed on one side only. However, you can opt to have it printed on both sides. Parker Thatch offers several designs but I opted for a traditional stripe in navy and French blue. parker thatch personalized tote bag VIA REVIVING CHARM The one thing I did notice about the bag was that the initials on the rivets were not perfectly aligned. Most people might not  notice or even care (my mom didn’t) but the OCD in me noticed it right away. However, I am still very happy with my purchased and it definitely will not deter me from ordering a bag for myself. In fact, I will be personalizing my own tote bag by including my favorite quote or inspiring saying on the inside. The fact that you can personalize the bag is what makes this a perfect gift for yourself or your friends and loved ones. parker thatch personalized tote bag reviving charm 3parker thatch personalized canvas summer tote bag via REVIVING CHARM

If you are in the market for a new summer tote bag, how about personalizing one for yourself? You can order online through Parker Thatch. Or visit their shop in person in Northern California.

Sidenote: You may be wondering why I am barely sharing a gift I ordered for Mother’s Day with you now. It’s very simple…I won’t recommend or endorse a product that I haven’t personally tried myself or one that I don’t believe in. You have that commitment from me. I placed a very last minute order with Parker Thatch during the afternoon of the cut-off date (with express delivery) to ensure that the bag arrived in time for Mother’s Day (great customer service, by the way). Before sharing with you I wanted to check out the quality and detail before making a recommendation to my readers. This is not a sponsored post, nor does it contain affiliate links. This is my own honest product review.