They say you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear. I take shoes very seriously. At one point I owned over 120 pairs. And yes, I’ve heard all the jokes, including the references to “Imelda Marcos”. Trust me, it gets old. Very old. Over the years I have found a few brands that have become my “go-to” because of their style and perfect fit. When I find a good pair of shoes that fit well and are comfortable I tend to be loyal to that brand. The Swiss shoemaker Bally happens to be one of my favorites for shoes and accessories. The Bally boutique I most often frequent was newly renovated with a modern design by David Chipperfield Architects. I love one particular detail of their new store design so much that I took pictures of it. And when the time ultimately comes to redesign my walk-in closet I want their design to serve as my inspiration. Take a look for yourself…


I love the look of all the symmetrical cubbies to store shoe boxes in. My version would be a much smaller scale. I would replace all my existing shoe boxes with one style to maintain the clean uncluttered look you see here. To suit my needs, I would pick a plain white box that has a clear pocket on the outside to insert a photo of what lies inside. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what you have and where to find it.


And since we are talking Bally, let me introduce you to the Bally Journal. It is a fun magazine available at their boutiques that highlight the newest collections and provide short snippet articles for easy, quick reading. They are only on issue 3 and I’m bummed that I missed the inaugural issue. Bally, if you are reading this…I would love to get a copy of Issue 1 (pretty, please).balley-magazine-via-revivingcharm_comballey-magazine-via-revivingcharm_com-2

Here are a couple of my favorite products highlighted in the current issue. The Sommet Bag comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large) as well as a variety of colors and textures.

I like several of Bally boots this season but the Chani (shown below) is such a great classic riding boot style that you can actually wear from year to year. I have a similar pair from Bally that I purchased many, many years ago. You know you made a good investment when you still get lots of use from them after many years.

balley-magazine-via-revivingcharm_com-3I can’t forget my male readers. Bally has something for you also! Even my Mr. B has his own small collection of Bally footwear.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Let me leave you today with some great advice from famed photographer Cecil Beaton.bally-magazine-via-revivingcharm_com-4

Original Iphone photos by Reviving Charm.


Milan, Italy is very much a metropolitan city and one of the largest in the country. I have come across many people who either love Milan or they don’t. I happen to fall into the “love it” camp since I enjoy all the hustle and bustle the City has to offer. It also has its fair share of historic treasures. To me, its the best of both worlds. The Brera District is located in the historic center of Milan and is fashionably known as the “arts district”. Brera is one of the most desirable areas of the city to live in and is filled with fine museums, chic shops and creative types. Elle Decoration featured the renovated Brera penthouse apartment of couple Antonella Grampa and her husband Angelo, a physicist working in software development. Besides hiring an architect to help rework the floorplan, they also enlisted the help of a landscape architect, which is something not many people would consider for an apartment located in the city. In doing so, they were able to create a lush mini-garden oasis on their patio. I think Antonella and Angelo have found a great way to balance their love for nature with their urban lifestyle. I only wish they featured more photos of their balcony because from what I can see it looks lovely.


Do you ever come across an image that stops you in your tracks? This Mountain Brook, Alabama living room of Interior Designer Betsy Brown did just that.living-room-interior-designer-betsy-brown-via-revivingcharm_com

Shortly after seeing this one image that captivated me, I received my issue of Milieu Magazine where her entire home was featured. Talk about coincidence! Her home is a wonderful mix of classic design with chic, modern flair set in neutral tones. I love homes that can successfully combine these elements while still providing a sense of warmth that makes you feel comfortable within the space. For today, enjoy a tour of Betsey Brown’s home….I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. art-at-the-home-of-betsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_combetsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_com-4bbetsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_com-4abetsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_com-3betsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_combetsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_com-2betsy-brown-interior-design-revivingcharm_com-1



image via.

I have always loved and appreciated beautiful lush gardens but it wasn’t until Mr. B and I moved into our seaside ranch home that I became interested in our own landscaping. This is primarily due to the fact that we bought a fixer and the gardens left little to be desired. At some point we will rework the outdoor spaces. But for now everything is kept neat and tidy since we are currently focusing on the interiors of our home. When the time comes to reevaluate our outdoor spaces I would love to work with someone like Molly Wood. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the garden as it is, particularly the when the roses and spring flowers are in bloom. I love when I can cut flowers from the garden and bring them indoors. Simple pleasures.

fresh flowers and garden journal RevivingCharm_com

Flowers from our garden waiting to be arranged – Spring 2016

Even though the garden isn’t quite where I want it to be I have enjoyed trying out new plants and flowers in various areas of our property to see how well they respond.  Since I am a planner by nature and have a great affinity for stationary supplies, I am not surprised at the fact that I wanted to purchase a gardening journal to document events in our garden. I recently purchased this journal from Color Box Design & Letterpress. I can’t wait to put it to good use.


My new garden journal from Colorbox Design & Letterpress.

It has a sweet letterpress design on the cover and is wire bound with 60 blank pages leaving me to decide exactly how I want to put it to use. I am planning to document planting instructions, including what has been planted and where. I plan to incorporate pictures so I can see progress (growth) through pictures and note at what time of year specific plants and flowers were planted and how long they lasted throughout the season. I know it’s winter and but it is never too early to start planning for Spring. Note to self: need to order spring bulbs soon. 

garden of revivingcharm_com

Flowers in our garden – Spring 2016

A gardening journal accompanied by a nice pen or pencil (my mechanical pencil shown above is from A.G Spalding & Bros.) would make a great housewarming gift or the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. Heck, they are so affordable why not treat yourself to one also. In addition to Adventures in Gardening, Color Box Design & Letterpress has a few other designs that would make perfect gifts including Adventures in Parenting, Adventures of the World and Adventures in the Kitchen. Journals can be purchased here.

All original photos by Reviving Charm via iPhone.


Yesterday was a darn good mail day. Don’t you love days like that? The sample of the fabric that Interior Designer Miles Redd designed for one of my favorite fabric companies, Schumacher, arrived. I was giddy as I ripped open the envelope containing one perfectly folded sample. I quickly got busy taking inventory of other fabric I have on hand that would coordinate with such a bold pattern. The seaside guest bedroom is 99% complete and I am already thinking of redecorating it.  I wasn’t originally planning to redo this room but this is what happens when you stay home for weeks to recuperate.

be-bold-inspiration-via-revivingcharm_comI usually shy away from bold patterns thinking that if I go with solids or subtle, classic patterns I won’t tire of them so easily. The inspiration fabric is way out of my comfort zone but that’s kinda what I like about it. However, I once had a dress made from a Schumacher linen that coincidently had a large peacock print…I loved that dress knowing it was a one of a kind!


Here are a few tidbits about the fabrics I have selected for the (potential) seaside guest bedroom redo:

  1. The inspiration fabric is known as “Peacock” by Miles Redd for Schumacher. The fabric comes in a few different colors but I chose this one because it best coordinates with things already in the room. I really, really like when I can reuse things I already own.
  2. This is a remnant piece I had stashed away for about twenty years (yes, you read that right…20 years). I have just enough of this black and ivory ticking fabric to make a lumbar pillow. Luckily, I wouldn’t need much of this fabric. I don’t remember the manufacturer so I wouldn’t be able to order more if I needed it. That is assuming it’s not discontinued.
  3. This pattern is known as “Greek Key” from Schumacher. This is such a versatile pattern, particularly in this neutral color. I never tire of it. I made two pillows using this fabric that currently sit on the bed in the guest bedroom. I like being able to reuse them in this room.

Below are the existing Belgian linen drapes that will remain. I love them! They are from Restoration Hardware and were purchased when we lived at our previous home. They fit the guest room windows at our seaside ranch home perfect so they moved with us. The fabric border is another Schumacher fabric that I had added to the drapes to give them a more custom, finished look. This is a great trick to “upgrade” off the shelf draperies.


So there  you have it….I am thinking of starting fresh with a bold pattern. What do you think? Any suggestions? Should I pull the trigger?