Designer Carolyne Roehm counts her blessings and admits to being fortunate by having two mentors in her life: Bill Blass and Oscar de la Renta. Lucky lady. 

“Each man gave me the gift of his wisdom, criticism, and encouragement.”                                                                                                                                   –Carolyne Roehm

In a recent article for Architectural Digest, Carolyne Roehm sets the table and photographs the tablescapes that were inspired by her mentors.  I have to believe that Carolyne’s mentors would absolutely approve of the two beautiful table settings that include Spode’s Greek pattern in blue and brown.  The table settings also include beautiful monogrammed blown-crystal glasses by Locchi and Venetian blue goblets by glassmakers Nason & Moretti.

Carolyne’s beautiful Fall designs definitely inspire me to start thinking about my own table settings for this holiday season.

Spode’s Greek pattern is a timeless design.

I am not a fan of carnations but after seeing how elegant they can look I might have to rethink my position!

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