“Harmony, coherence and irony are the keys”  — Michele Bönan

Michele Bönan at the Marquis Hotel in Paris.

I first became aware of the acclaimed Italian architect and designer Michele Bönan many years ago when I first laid eyes on JK Place Hotel in Florence and JK Capri in Italy. The exquisite design of these hotels continue to remain so popular that years later they still garner attention as the subject of various websites and blog posts. While Bönan is perhaps most notable for his hotel designs, he has also designed yacht interiors, private estates and various commercial projects.

The architect and interior designer is the subject of a new book entitled “Michele Bönan: The Gentleman of Style” published through Assouline and is due out later this month. This is definitely one book I will be adding to my Christmas wish list!

“My concept of architecture dates back more than a century ago, when the various arts, sculpture, painting and architecture, were fused together creating a “harmonious whole” , thus the decoration of the building was an integral part of the project “ –Michele Bönan

The Italian translation in the photo below reads: “Make order and coordinate the various details, in order to obtain the ideal harmony.” The lamp is a Bönan design available through Estro, a lighting manufacturer based in Florence, Italy.

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