My husband and I are currently in process of “Reviving Charm” to our 1950’s seaside ranch style home purchased just a few years ago. While we still have way too many decorating and renovating projects to tackle, both inside and out, a thought crossed my mind recently (coincidentally while painting): When everything is complete, what will be next? Apparently, acclaimed interior designer Suzanne Kasler had a similar thought.  In a recent profile on One King’s Lane Kasler states “I was restless. The decorating was done, meaning no more opportunities to experiment, to rearrange, to create. And so the search began for a new blank canvas.” Kasler and her husband were ready for a change and started to seek out their new canvas after living in their home for nearly twenty years.  That blank canvas turned out to be a federal style home in the prestigious Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. Like her other designs, including those chronicled in her two books, thier home does not disappoint!


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