Is the poinsettia a plant worthy of year round appreciation or is it merely a holiday decoration?

This question has been the recent topic of a growing debate between some friends. Whichever camp you fall into really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that today is Poinsettia Day, a day which marks the death of Joel Robert Poinsett, the US diplomat and botanist, who introduced the poinsettia to the United States from Mexico in 1828. Let’s celebrate the plant that marks the holiday season and one that has inspired a fabulous fashion photoshoot by one of my new favorite floral designers and stylists, Okishima & Simmonds. The gorgeous handmade dress features over 300 poinsettias!

reviving charm _Okishima+&+Simmonds+International+Poinsettia+Day_Julian+Winslow+Photography

Photographer: Julian Winslow; Model: Tara Francis-Smith; Grower: Hill Brothers Nursery; Make-up: Harriet Simmonds

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