I have been enjoying the kitchy coastal themed Christmas tree we have set up in our living room this year. If you missed the inspiration behind it, you can read my post here.  Given that we live in a beach community and love being on or near the water, I thought this round up of floating Christmas trees seemed appropriate for today. Merry Christmas Eve!

coastal christmas reviving charmchristmas on the lake: One of the cutest pictures I have ever seen! Have yourself a merry Nantucket Christmas ...: Nantucket Christmas tree in a boat. Can you imagine this tied to your dock? LOVE. Found on www.completelycoastal.com via www.flickr.com/photos/bawoodvine/3210230285:

A Uniquely Enchanted Christmas Inspiration #AnthropologieEu:

All images from Pinterest via: yankeemagazine.com – anthrolpologie.com – navelarchitecture.tumblr.com – completely-coastal.com – nantucketstock.com

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