reviving charm black entry doors


Fabulous lantern on bracket and lacquered door!!!!!:

I have a love affair with the color black. On any given day, chances are I am even wearing black. It’s classic, chic and versatile. It never goes out of style.  And when it comes time to renovate the exterior of our home, it should be no surprise to anyone who knows me that I’m planning to paint the entry doors black. And the glossier the better. High polished lacquer…oh yeah, now you’re talking!

I never tire of admiring pretty black painted doors so here area a few lovelies I am passing along for you to enjoy today….Happy Monday!


NYC Interior Design l LI Interior Design I Hamptons Interior Design l Renovations l Decorate I Encore Décor l Mindy Miles Greenberg: black | glass paned: reviving charm black entry doorsx: Southern Charm beautiful front. The second floor windows are my fave: classic black door -- love the high gloss shine: Peter Zimmerman Architects: Love the black door with gold numbers.: CM Glover Photography.: reviving charm beautiful entry doorsGlossy Black for front/side doors - Fine Paints of Europe:

Give your home whimsical style with a Dutch front door. See more home home update ideas: Make the Entry a Focal Point: black door.: Exterior paint colors / black door & trim: Great topiaries:


  1. Karen B. says:

    I agree 100%. Touches of black are a favorite. Black front doors are the perfect touch for most homes. The examples you’ve shared are especially spectacular. I love the high gloss black the best.
    Our front dutch door came pre-painted and they’re white, but when they need paint black will be the color!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Reviving Charm says:

      Hi Karen. A glossy Dutch door…now that would be excellent. Please share when the time comes! I love our current door also so luckily paint is an easy fix that will provide huge impact. Gotta love those types of projects!


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