I mentioned in this post that I have a short bob haircut. A couple of weeks ago I received a fresh-cut with additional layers in the back. This time I decided to mix things up dramatically and have the layers dyed teal. Yes, TEAL. It’s not something most people would expect of me (I actually surprised myself) and seeing their reaction has been fun. In honor of my new hair color let’s have some design fun with teal, turquoise and peacock. teal-turquoise-peacock-via-revivingcharm_com-17about-revivingcharm_comteal-turquoise-peacock-via-revivingcharm_comteal-turquoise-peacock-via-revivingcharm_com-12teal-and-peacock-via-revivingcharm_comteal-turquoise-peacock-via-revivingcharm_com-13teal-turquoise-peacock-via-revivingcharm_com-5teal-turquoise-peacock-via-revivingcharm_com-14teal-turquoise-peacock-doors-via-revivingcharm_comteal-turquoise-peacockteal-turquoise-peacock-via-revivingcharm_com-11teal-turquoise-peacock-via-revivingcharm_com-1teal-turquoise-peacock-via-revivingcharm_com-3

4 thoughts on “TEAL ON TUESDAY

  1. After Orange County says:

    I ADORE Teal! I have used it as an accent color in one of my renovations and loved it. In the demolition process I found that the house had actually been painted teal at one time so I decided to revive it. It was wonderful. I love each and every example you have here and you may have just given me the courage to go a bit more aggressive with teal in future renos. Great post!


  2. Karen B. says:

    Wow, that is awesome. Is it the kind of dye that washes out, or will you have it for some time? Growing up, one of my favorite back to school items was a peacock colored sweater that was, of course, stuck in my closet until the Southern California close to summer turned our days to slightly cooler days. I also loved the ball point pens that came in peacock blue. Great images of the color.

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