Tuesday Tip: Home Fragrance

I admit that I am somewhat of a skincare junkie. I order a lot of beauty products and with every order, I usually wind up with a few fragrance samples. I rarely ever use them on myself.

A few days ago I received a few more perfume samples, one of them being a Jo Malone fragrance (English Pear & Freesia). What I particularly love about Jo Malone fragrances is that the scent is very long lasting and they can also be layered, which is an easy way to customize a perfume. Instead of using the English Pear & Freesia on myself, I sprayed it onto a fresh bathroom hand towel since my oil diffuser recently ran out. I sprayed it on in the morning and when I got home at 7 pm that night, the lovely scent was still noticeable. I’ve also done this as a way to test out perfume before committing to buy it. If I don’t like how a particular fragrance settles on my towel, I know it’s something I definitely don’t want on my body! You’ll find that the inexpensive brands don’t linger long but they will definitely give your room a quick pick-me-up. After all, it’s a wonderful thing to walk into a room with a lovely scent. And if you missed my previous post about home fragrance, including a couple of my favorites, you can catch up on your reading here. 

Tuesday Tip on Home Fragrance

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Home Fragrance

  1. Karen B. says:

    That’s a great idea. I have a couple of fragrances I no longer wear and that might be a way to use them. I do love Jo Malone and have used her Amber Lavender fragrance for years now. I’ve recently become intrigued with Ralph Lauren’t new fragrance Woman. Hate the name but I’ve typically liked some of his fragrances, Safari being one.
    Happy Tuesday.

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    • Reviving Charm says:

      I haven’t tried Woman but you’re right, the name is horrible. I’m going to assume it has a very feminine scent. I prefer soft florals and citrus scents so perhaps I might like it? Have a great week. I hope all is well…


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