A Beautiful Bluff Park Bathroom

I love a beautiful bathroom. In fact, I’ve highlighted several beautiful baths in my “Sunday Spa Day” posts. Today’s beautiful bathroom is from a home that is currently for sale in the affluent Bluff Park neighborhood of Long Beach, California. It is situated on a block full of historic homes in a variety of architectural styles with great charm and character. I wouldn’t need an excuse move…I would buy it for the bathroom alone. Its’ size is opulent but the design is classic. Plus, the home is situated within a very short walk to the beach, which is is another definite plus.long beach bathroom via reviving charmA room like this commands a beautiful chandelier in place of the naked light bulb. Replacing the light fixture would be my first order of business. I’m thinking a nice chaise lounge would also be a great addition to this space. The space has heated floors, which is a great touch given the size of the room.bathroom design reviving charmI haven’t been shy about sharing my love of a freestanding tub. I can already see myself soaking in the tub while enjoying a gentle breeze coming through the window and the peaceful sound of rustling tree leaves. That’s my kind of heaven…
beautiful bath designsunday spa day bathroom design long beach california 4If you love the bathroom as much as I do then you definitely don’t miss a chance to tour the rest of the home. The video will make you want to start packing your bags. If you want to see the real estate listing, check it out here. 

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