What do you do if you’re trying to unite two families together à la Brady Bunch style? If you’re Julian and Brooke Metcalfe then you buy a 17th-century tudor home in Oxfordshire, England to accommodate a family with 7 children. The Metcalfe’s purchased the estate as a weekend home to serve as a place to unite their two families. They were fortunate because the property was turnkey so all they had to do was focus on furnishings. The obvious and safe choice would have been to outfit the home with traditional decor. But the family chose not to take decorating too seriously and opted for modern flair that would make their family feel at home. While their choice of decor might not be everyone’s cup of tea (disco ball, anyone?),  maybe we can agree that it is a successful juxtaposition of traditional and modern. For more details, be sure to check out the article in Architectural Digest. It’s a lovely read.

We threw out all rules …there was nothing we could do that would go wrong because nothing had to fit any pattern or mood.  –Brooke Metcalfe

The sitting room

The master bath

The pool and garden


  1. YCT says:

    Love eclectic interior. Interesting everywhere you look. It’s charming and fun. Not the least bland or boring. Do you get the feeling it is MY cup of tea?

  2. Gerri says:

    I love the eclectic style of this home! I often feel homes have become to stylized forgetting about individual personalities. I believe your home should be your own special creative spot!

    • Reviving Charm says:

      Hi Gerri, Well put and I couldn’t agree with you more. Often time people try to stylize and often replicate spaces that their own individuality gets lost in the mix. I’m glad the owners of this home decided to go for it!

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