When a Canadian designer and her husband decided to build a new 4,900 square foot lakefront home along Lake Simcoe in Canada, they were a bit at odds about how they should decorate it.

He wanted dark tones and a woodsy Aspen vibe. I wanted everything white with clean lines.    –Lidia van Zyle, homeowner and designer


I think the couple came up with a great compromise that successfully blends modern touches and rustic qualities to create a home the couple and their family can enjoy all year. Let’s take a look inside.

cottage-style architecture via RevivingCharm.com 1

The architecture of the home has a beautiful classic cottage design. I’m big on symmetry so the look of the front facade definitely resonates with me. Plus, a brick walkway laid in a herringbone pattern is always a welcoming pathway to a front door.

The living room is a great example of how you can successfully pair metal work with rustic materials to create a sophisticated, refined cottage feel. The room looks comfortable enough for everyday use and I could already envision myself curled up on the sofa reading a magazine and enjoying a roaring fire. Having a cup of hot chocolate wouldn’t be bad either…

cottage style via RevivingCharm_comcottage-tour-refined-rustic-via RevivingCharm_com

I love a great mirror and am particularly fond of using mirrors in a kitchen if space permits. I think it adds an unexpected decorating touch and makes the space feel more like a room and less utilitarian.

cottage-style white kitchen via RevivingCharm_com

Cottage style dining via RevivingCharm_com

Anything placed tabletop in an all white dining room definitely takes center stage. The floor to ceiling windows provide wonderful light making this space a great room to enjoy a meal. I would love to see a beautiful breakfast or brunch set up in here.

cottage style decor via RevivingCharm_com

Since I remember the days of having to use a typewriter it makes me laugh to see one function purely as a decorative accessory, but this is a trend I am seeing more and more lately.

The antlers here are a family heirloom and are a classic decorating object I don’t think will ever go out of style when it comes to classic cabin and cottage decor. Paint them white and you instantly modernize a classic look.

cottage style bedroom via RevivingCharm_com

One of the things I love about this bedroom is that it looks like a design that almost anyone can achieve. My only suggestion would be to swap out the chevron patterned pillows with something less trendy. I’ve been over the chevron pillow pattern for a very long time…
cottage style bathroom design via RevivingCharm_com

This bathroom is proof that you can turn almost anything into a decorative object. Group like items together for a unique look that is all your own. The bathroom is a small space where it’s easy to get creative and have fun. In fact, it’s the one room in the house where a tiny bit of creativity goes a very long way.

cottage style home interior design via RevivingCharm_com

A mudroom can be functional and stylish. I would suggest using outdoor fabric for any seating in a space like this to provide for easy cleaning and maintenance. Also, hooks one a wall are a must in a room like this. Here you see simple wrought iron hooks but the great thing is that they also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns to fit any decor.

All photos via Style at Home


  1. After Orange County says:

    Just love this home! I’ve got a collection of old wooden tennis rackets that I’ve been meaning to find a wall for and this has inspired me to do so. I also have a giant sailfish on the wall of my son’s room. I have been very tempted to paint it a funky color like yellow to really make a statement in the room. The painted antlers look great. Maybe I’ll get the courage to paint my sailfish too??

  2. indigolattice says:

    This is just lovely. Normally not a fan of white, but this home is pretty fantastic. But I agree that a mirror in the kitchen is unexpected. Even more unexpected than having art in the kitchen.

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