We had a house guest stay with us recently for several weeks. The furniture in the guest bedroom was rearranged to better suit their needs as a temporary resident. With our house guest now gone, I have begun to rearrange this small bedroom. I had been tinkering with the idea of redecorating this room so this posed the perfect opportunity. Timing is everything, isn’t it?

I will be repurposing a lot of what we already have. I will be maintaining all of the existing furniture (although two pieces will get a makeover with a fresh coat of chalk paint). I purchased new fabric for 4 pillows I will be making for the bed and already have fabric for 3 other accent pillows I still need to make. I am thrilled that existing art that has been stored away will soon be displayed. The room will be simple in design. Not a lot of color, not a lot of fuss. A few details have yet to be worked out but the re-do is officially underway.


Do you want to learn a little bit about all the pretty little things in this picture?

  • Gold trinket box: Did you know that Goodwill operates a store called Deja Blue Boutique? Yeah, I didn’t either. I went to Las Vegas with a couple of friends a while back. One of my friends took us to Deja Blue, which happens to be where Goodwill sells their higher end items. The box still had its original red velvet lining which I happily swapped out with black linen to suit the space better.
  • Sunburst Brooch & Lady Bust: These are vintage and were purchased from a Hollywood costume designer a few years ago. I think the black linen provides a great backdrop to show them off.
  • Octagonal glass trinket box: This is already existing in the room. It is one of my favorite pieces because it displays various seashells and rocks that Mr. B and I have collected over the years from various beaches we’ve visited while on vacation.
  • Mirrored tray: This is another accessory that is already in the room but it has a tendency of moving around.
  • Books: I rummaged through a box of books we still have packed away and found a few that match the room perfectly.
  • Ivory & chrome tray: This was a Homegoods purchase several years ago and is already being used in the room. I love using trays to corral items together and create a harmonious grouping of things.
  • Wicker basket: The wicker basket was purchased by Mr. B at least 30 years ago at a yard sale. He has a good eye! It currently exists in the room and serves as a table in front of the daybed.

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek. I still have a lot to do so I better get to work now…


  1. After Orange County says:

    I love what you’ve done, especially the box from Deja Blue Boutique which I didn’t know about. Guess where I’m stopping next time I go to Vegas? I often think about rearranging or repurposing things in my home, but since I’m always working on our latest fixer upper I never seem to focus on where I live. What I’d love is to have some really talented designer come into my home and by using only things I own, re-merchandise it if you will. When working on my own home I find change is difficult, and sometimes I can’t see the forest thru the trees. A fresh perspective would be so interesting to have.

    • Reviving Charm says:

      Don’t go out of your way to visit Deja Blue. If I were staying on the strip and made a special visit I would have actually been very disappointed. But I happened to be somewhat in the area so it was worth a trip. A place like this is hit or miss though…

      I completely understand when you say that sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. It really is much harder to design your own home than someone else’s. I think when you see something day in and day out it can be hard to see the obvious. A fresh perspective can really be a breath of fresh air.

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