I really have a great love for many different styles of design. And one of the many styles that Mr. B and I have a shared appreciation for is midcentury modern. In fact, we enjoyed it well before it ever became cool and well…mainstream. And when it comes to midcentury pottery, one of the most prolific pottery manufacturers from the era (stemming from the 1880’s) is Bauer Pottery. Simple shapes and vibrant hues are some of the hallmarks of their designs.

A few weeks ago Mr. B informed me that the Bauer Pottery showroom (actually an outlet) located in Los Angeles, California (actually near Burbank) is open to the public only a few days a month. Looking for something to do one particular Saturday afternoon, we decided to pay the shop a visit. The showroom is located in a dilapidated corrugated metal warehouse building at the end of a short cul-de-sac. If you like Bauer Pottery then it is definitely well worth the visit.


The original Bauer Pottery company closed in 1962. However, in 1998 the current owner Mr. Janek Boniecki purchased the rights to reproduce Bauer Pottery designs. Existing vintage pieces were used an molds and now the company manufactures replicas of many of the original Bauer designs in new and original colors. The actual factory is off limits to the public but if that ever changes (or if they feel like hosting a private tour) I hope they let me know!


The Bauer Pottery showroom is actually an outlet of sorts where you will find their samples, discontinued items and factory seconds. Don’t let imperfect deter you. I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality and amount of inventory. Plus, pieces are priced at 30% less than the price of first-quality product, which is always a perk. However, you can also purchase first quality pieces in their online shop.


I like how each of the colors offered by Bauer Pottery are highlighted on the showroom wall. I typically don’t gravitate toward brighter colors for use in our own home but I was happy to see that pieces are also available in white.

Love the crocks…they also come in a variety of colors and sizes.

bauer-pottery-via-revivingcharm_com-8bauer-pottery-via-revivingcharm-1 Bauer Pottery even offers something for your four legged friends…


Mr. B and I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner while browsing the showroom. Mr. Boniecki provided us with a wonderful history of Bauer Pottery and also tipped us off on an event that he is planning next month that isn’t even on their website yet. Bauer Pottery is hosting the Dog Days of Fall on October 8 & 9 from 10 am to 5 pm. If  you visit on either day and allow the staff to photograph your dog with one of their dog bowls you get to select a dog bowl to take home with you. When we were at the showroom I was particularly admiring the large white bowl (shown below right). Now only if we had a dog…bauer-pottery-dog-and-cat-bowls-via-revivingcharm

Bauer Pottery – Los Angeles Showroom

3051 Rosslyn Street
Los Angeles, California 90065
Phone: (818) 500-0666

**Be sure to call or check the website for store hours since the showroom is only open a few select days per month. Happy shopping! bauer-pottery-via-revivingcharm-2Original iphone images via Reviving Charm.


  1. Karen B. says:

    I’m not a huge fan of brightly colored pottery but I really liked a few of the pieces in your photographs. The dog dish is especially appealing in white. I would say you need a dog! 😉

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