Today marks the first official day of Fall and I couldn’t be happier. It is my favorite time of the year. Fall means pulling out the winter sweaters and scarves, drinking hot tea, and snuggling up to a warm winter fire next to Mr. B while watching TV. Every year I also attempt to buy a new coat even though I hope that it will be the year that I finally get to wear the MaxMara full length wool/cashmere coat I bought in San Francisco many years ago and still haven’t worn. I guess it’s wishful thinking that California will get a real winter. Fall is also when Mr. B and I typically go on our longest vacation of the year but our vacation plans have been postponed due to my recent surgery and other commitments. I am thinking that vacation in the spring will be something wonderful to look forward to. For now let’s enjoy the Fall and all the wonderful things the season has to offer. It’s a wonderful time of year… 


3 thoughts on “AUTUMN HAS ARRIVED

  1. Karen B. says:

    My absolute favorite time of year as well. I too have more coats than I’ll ever wear if the winter doesn’t cool down a bit. I love the collage you’ve provided. That wreath! Wish I could find one like that, you don’t have the source on it do you?
    Spring is a close second to fall for me, so I think a vacation that time of year could be wonderful for you and the Mister.

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