A Beautiful Bath on Sunday Spa Day

I imagine it being a hectic day for Hollywood actors and actresses as they prep and primp for a big night at the Oscars today. I’m sure part of their preparation (starting weeks or even months ago) was making sure that their skin will be in tip-top shape to ensure that it looks the best for the multitude of eyes that will be on them today. But even if you don’t plan on attending any red carpet events you really should take good care of your skin. It’s something I started doing regularly once I hit my 40’s but better late than never. I’ve mentioned before how, if at all possible, I try to reserve a portion of my Sunday evening to create a mini spa day at home. I’m going into a busy, stressful week (not great for skin, by the way!) so I plan to take a few hours for myself to treat my skin and relax this evening. I actually have appointments next week for a professional facial and massage so this is an excellent way to bookend my week. Believe it or not, after my long rant about skincare, this isn’t a post about skin care at all. I really just wanted to show you a couple of beautiful bathrooms. I know…a long segway…

garden court hotel palo alto_reviving charm blogI enjoy taking long soaks in a tub and would really love a bathroom designed like those at the Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto, California. A large, deep soaking tub is one of the things I left behind once moving into our seaside ranch home and is something I still miss. Note to self: when the time comes to remodel my bathroom definitely incorporate a luxurious tub that is deeper than the one I have now…oh, and add a rain shower also. What elements of bathroom design do you enjoy the most?garden court hotel palo alto 1_reviving charm blog

garden court hotel palo alto 3_reviving charm blog

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