In order to maintain a bit of privacy I have been very careful about not over sharing. After all, everyone has their own problems so why would you want to hear about someone else’s? However, the more I write the more I realize that it is important to share a little bit of life with you (starting with this post).  And if I am willing to publicly post images of our home, then it’s probably okay to get a little personal with you every now and then. After all…life happens. nightstand-via-revivingcharm_com-21

People read blogs for many different reasons, myself included. For example, they can serve as a great source of inspiration or as an escape, a way to stay informed or as a resource to learn something new. Why do you read blogs and what makes you coming back here for more?

I’ve been reading blogs since 2007 and have realized that I am attracted to or continue to follow those that interject their own personality and provide a little bit of information about themselves and their lives. It’s interesting to learn about the people behind the keystrokes. nightstand-via-revivingcharm_com-22

Where am I going with all this? 

My surgeon recently told me “You have a gallstone the size of a golf ball….we really should take care of that.”  How do you respond to that? I have been in a bit of denial over the whole thing until I feel the sudden tinge of pain come on. It serves as a reminder that I better take care of myself because it’s only bound to get worse if I don’t.  Needless to say, today is the big day. It is the day that Reviving Charm goes to the hospital for surgery.

nightstand-via-revivingcharm_com-20Naturally, I have to tie today’s post into something design related so I am featuring a few lovely nightstands accessorized with beautiful fresh flowers. No matter how big or small your nightstand is there is always room for flowers. Whether it be a single stem in a bud vase or a full floral arrangement there is nothing more wonderful than having fresh flowers at your bedside. And if any of my friends or family are reading this I want them to know that I’ve already cleared off my own nightstand to make room for a few new fresh bouquets of my own…hint, hint. And for those who have already sent flowers…Thank you! 

I will be back soon but in the meantime I have a few posts lined up to keep you entertained while I recuperate.             –xoxo, v.


4 thoughts on “BEDSIDE MANNER

  1. After Orange County says:

    Hi Vanessa, I’m glad you are giving up a little of yourself to us. I know it takes courage but as you say, in doing so you become more human to those of us that enjoy reading your thoughts and seeing the beautiful images you share. I hope your surgeon has a good bedside manner and that things go well. I also hope you get to smell lots of roses on that nightstand, as flowers really do make everything better. Very warm wishes for a speedy recovery! XOX

  2. Karen B. says:

    I think sharing a bit of personal “life” is human…it lets other readers know that while you post incredible images and share inspiring words that real life happens to everyone. I return each and every time I receive an email from your site announcing a new post because I’m never bored, always inspired and love some of the cultural things you’ve shared.
    I wish you a speedy recovery, it’s good that you decided to take care of health biz!

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