Art: A Focus on Mario Tirelli

Today a complete solar eclipse will be visible across a wide stretch of the United States that will sweep from west to east. It’s a huge deal since the last complete eclipse was back in 1918 and it hasn’t been since 1979 since the last eclipse was visible from the mainland United States. The next solar eclipse isn’t predicted to happen again until 2024 so many people are using this as an excuse to throw a theme party (although who really needs an excuse to throw a fun party?). I will actually be attending one by someone who knows how to host a fun festivity and my special glasses, from what I am told, have already been reserved for me. Hopefully, they match my outfit…

There is something beautiful about the simple shapes found in our solar system so I always find it intriguing when an artist chooses to select them as their subject. The contrast and tension between light and dark are also particularly appealing to me and these simple, rudimentary shapes can feel very fresh and modern when displayed in today’s interiors. Case in point is the interior below by French interior designer Jean Louis Denoit. The art on the wall is by Italian artist Marco Tirelli, who our focus is on today.jean louis denoit marco trielli moon artMany of Tirelli’s paintings and sculptures depict abstract subjects. His work has been described as capturing “indeterminate forms interacting with light and shadow, such that they appear to occupy three-dimensional space.” His art has been hard to categorize by some but has been referred to as “metaphysical” by others. marco tirelli moon art reviving charm 1

Marco Tirelli in his studio in Rome (2012).

marco tirelli studio in romemarco tirelli studiomarco tirelli moon art reviving charm

Tirelli’s first exhibit was in Milan, Italy in 1978 and his work has since been exhibited all over the world. The following pieces were shown last year at Axel Vervoordt Gallery in Belgium.

marco tridelli Axel Vervoordt gallery Reviving Charm

Exhibit at the Pastificio Cerere Foundation in Rome (2016)marco-tirelli black and white art

Exhibit at the Di Meo Gallery in Paris (2006) marco tirelli art Reviving Charm

Exhibit at the Palazzo Poli Istituto Nazionale Per La Grafica in Rome.marco-tirelli-palazzo-poli-istituto-nazionale-per-la-grafica Reviving Charm.jpg

Exhbit at the Venice Biennale (2013)louise-alexander-gallery-marco-tirelli-venice-biennale-Reviving Charmmarco-tirelli-venice-biennale-2013 reviving charm 1

Exhibit at the Museo Mathildenhohe in Germany (2002)marco tirelli art Reviving Charm 1

Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna, Italy (2002)marco tirelli artist Reviving Charm

I was hoping to use today as a way to pay special tribute to the moon. Although research for today’s post took me down a slightly different path than originally envisioned, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Enjoy the day…and don’t look up…well, at least not without your special eclipse glasses.

Inside the home of Joshua Schulman, President & CEO of Coach

I remember receiving my first Coach purse about 20 years ago. It was gifted to me from a group of coworkers as a going away gift after quitting my job. It was chocolate brown with brass hardware. I was a mere intern and the staff’s generosity made an impression on me. I used it throughout that entire summer. It’s funny how you never forget some things.

And speaking of Coach…in June 2017 Joshua Schulman is named the new President and CEO of the company. He comes with quite an impressive resume including stints at Bergdorf Goodman, Jimmy Choo, Gap, Gucci, and Yves St. Laurent. Three years ago he and his spouse Jim Conley, formerly with YouTube, moved to a traditional townhouse near Gramercy Park in New York. The home has a humble vibe to it and offers modern simplicity designed with many vintage pieces from notable furniture designers. There are quite a few leather pieces in the home which seem completely appropriate for an executive at a venerable U.S. fashion firm that originally started as leather goods company.

Joshua Schulman (left) and Jim Conley (right) at their New York townhome.

all images via Architectural Digest

The Malibu Home designed by Scott Mitchell Studio and Denise Kuriger

I was thrilled to read on Interior Designer Denise Kuriger’s Instagram that EST Magazine recently published pictures of the home she designed along with architects Scott Mitchell Studio in Malibu, California. This Malibu, Calfornia property is one of my favorites and if it looks familiar it may be because: (1) I previously visited the home and shared aspects of it here, here, and here; or (2) you may have seen it highlighted in Nocturnal Animals, the film written and directed by Tom Ford that was released last year. I never get enough of this beautiful home and I am glad to see there are some additional photos in the magazine that I haven’t shared before. Let me lead you on a proper tour…follow me, please.

As you pull off Pacific Coast Highway, the driveway curves and you enter the property through this main entrance. The focal point of this area is a stunning waterfall feature straight ahead. denise-kuriger-design-malibu-house 13 Take a right at the waterfall and go down a couple of stairs to reach the front door. rappaport malibu home denise kuriger scott mitchell studioA large entry table greets you as you enter the main entrance to the home.  denise-kuriger-design-malibu-house 1This is another view of the entry table as you continue to walk into the home. When I was at the property this table was set up with the most wonderful sweet champagne to greet guests as they arrived and held goodie bags for people to take as they departed. The opening in the wall to the left is the expansive kitchen. We’ll get to that in a minute…
denise-kuriger-design-malibu-house 2

Continue straight and you enter a comfortable seating area. I was intrigued at how the television was suspended from the ceiling by a custom metal bracket. There is a patio area immediately outside to the right of the photo and a dining area to the left of the photo.  denise-kuriger-design-malibu-houseThe dining area has seating to accommodate 10, but this particular area doesn’t feel as grand as many of the other spaces in the house and it isn’t its own dedicated room. It’s a space tucked between the corridor that runs the length of the home and the adjacent seating area. At the event I attended, the dining table was actually used as tasting area to try various Italian cheeses.denise-kuriger-design-malibu-house 4The large kitchen is situated directly across from the dining area. To give you a better perspective of its location, the picture above is taken from the entrance into the kitchen.  denise-kuriger-design-malibu-house 3Let’s go back to that entry table (photo 3). This time, take a right and you will enter into the main living room of the home. The windows on the left look out onto beautiful exterior views. The windows to the right look out onto the garden areas facing the driveway. denise-kuriger-design-malibu-house 6The house is very linear and in the main areas you pass through one room to get to the next. One of the wonderful things about the design of the house is that it takes full advantage of the views so there are lots of windows to frame the beautiful yard, gorgeous pool, and the Pacific Ocean beyond. I highlighted those areas this post.denise-kuriger-design-malibu-house 7If you continue walking straight ahead you will ultimately head into the master bedroom suite. The bed faces the garden and ocean and I can imagine what a wonderful feeling it would be to wake up to such stunning views. Walk through the doorway to the right of the fireplace and you enter the master bathroom.
denise-kuriger-design-malibu-house 11I love a great bathroom so naturally, this master bathroom was one of my favorite rooms of the house. The deep soaking tub, fabulous shower and a vanity that goes on for miles are wonderful features of the space. The shower, just behind the tub, is as large as a room and walk in closets are accessible from the bathroom through the doors on the right beyond the expansive vanity.
denise-kuriger-design-malibu-house 10Let’s venture downstairs now, shall we? Watch your step! Take a right at the bottom of the stairs and you enter the media lounge. Take a left and you enter the game room. The gallery of artwork you see on the wall are actually frames albums in the game room.
scott mitchell studio malibu houseThis is another view of the game room. This room has everything you need for a fun time entertaining a group of friends: pool table, chess table, bar, refrigerator, and wine chillers. Another fun thing about this room was looking at all the sports memorabilia and personal photographs on the bookshelves in this space. To the far left of the picture off a short hallway is a powder room.

denise-kuriger-design-malibu-house 14Remember the media room I mentioned? Here it is. It has a sunken area for two large seating areas.  I can already see myself lounging here curled up with a blanket and watching great movie.
denise-kuriger-design-malibu-house 8Venture outside and you will find some beautiful spots tucked away, including this intimate seating area next to one of two fireplaces located outdoors. denise-kuriger-design-malibu-house 12This is the backside of the house facing the yard, pool, and ocean. The patio is a great area for entertaining.
denise-kuriger-design-malibu-house 9There you have it, another look inside the beautiful Malibu home photographed by Steve Shaw. Hopefully, I was a great tour guide and you loved your virtual visit to this beautiful Malibu home. Tips $$$ not required, but always appreciated…ha!

Photos via Est Magazine, Denise Kuriger, and Scott Mitchell Studio.