Tuesday Tip No. 6

As I was putting this post together I realized that several of my Tuesday Tips involve the use of fresh flowers. I guess that’s because flowers can create instant impact, often on the cheap and easy. With Spring officially here, I am already starting to see blooms appear on the trees in our front yard. A recent article in Victoria Magazine (that includes the photos highlighted in this post) reminded me that twigs and branches shouldn’t be overlooked as a decorating touch. Those with beautiful blooms can be particularly stunning when brought indoors. With very little effort you can create a stylish arrangement using something readily available right outside your own door. decorating with branches via Reviving Charmtuesday tip no 6 via Reviving Charmdecorating with branchesdecorating with branches via Reviving Charm 4decorating with branches 3decorating with branches via Reviving Charm 2


Flowers have been on my mind since my recent visit to the world famous Nuccio’s Nurseries. It’s hard to think about Spring at the moment but it will be here before you know it. Fresh flowers are my favorite part of the season and I can’t wait for all the springtime blooms and freshly cut flowers to bring indoors. I am always looking for creative ways to display flowers and I love the idea of using old cans as a container to display them. tuesday-tip-no-5-floral-arrangement-ideas-via-revivingcharm-1This photo features a vintage oyster can that would be perfect for a seaside home although any metal can will do. Whether the can is vintage or new, be sure to select one that has a particularly unique graphic design. A centerpiece like this is sure to become a fun topic of conversation.

If you ever decide to use a Tuesday Tip I’ve shared here, be sure to drop me a note and let me know. I’d love to hear how you’ve incorporated these tips into your own lifestyle.

Image via Coastal Living Magazine.


Decorating with fresh flowers is something I try to do as often as I can. The public spaces in our home are decorated in neutral tones and bringing in a little bit of nature is a great way to add a simple splash of color and a bit of extra visual interest. I particularly take great pleasure in using cuttings from our own garden to enjoy indoors.


Adding flowers to the bathroom shouldn’t be something reserved for only when guests come over. Believe it or not, one of the rooms I enjoy placing flowers in the most actually is the bathroom. I don’t fret over fancy arrangements either. For sake of simplicity and ease, I display a single stem in a bud vase or pretty container most of the time. When flowers aren’t in bloom interesting greenery is displayed instead.  Branches and twigs are also great alternatives.


Interior by Marion Lichtig

Try adding a fresh blossom to your bathroom. It doesn’t take much to create an additional layer of luxury to an often overlooked space. You’ll enjoy something beautiful to look at each morning as you get ready for the day.  It’s a simple pleasure and luxurious touch that everyone deserves to enjoy on a daily basis. Now excuse me while I go cut a beautiful hot pink camellia blossom from our garden that I’ve had my eye on…