The Costa Rican Community of Las Catalinas

I know several people that have vacationed in Costa Rica just to take advantage of the great surf. A couple I know even spent their honeymoon there for the sole purpose of riding the waves. But not everyone in California loves to surf, including me. You won’t get me in the water although I absolutely love being near it or on it. It’s my happy place. While Costa Rica hasn’t particularly been high on my list of places to visit, it did pique my interest after reading the current issue of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle Magazine. It features a new beachside community known as Las Catalinas located on the Guanacaste Coast of Costa Rica. I will admit that the gorgeous pictures are what initially caught my eye. But given that I have a background in urban planning with studies and a strong interest in architecture and design, the article was particularly intriguing. It even led me down a rabbit hole to find out more about this new community and check out the official website for Las Catalinas, which is chock full of information.las catalinas costa rica via reviving charm

The history of Las Catalinas stems back to 2006 when the property was originally purchased. It’s taken over ten years to create this master planned community that is every bit as lush and stylish as one would expect in a vacation destination. However, the community isn’t solely seeking tourists and they continue to solicit for a full-time population. Interested?

Atlanta-based interior designer Beth Webb is intimately familiar with Las Catalinas after designing several homes in the community, including the one highlighted today. Her gorgeous blue and white interiors coupled with the beautiful blue waters make we want to dive into each and every picture. And when my friends head back to Costa Rica for the surf I might have to take them up on their offer to let me tag along. However, I’ll trade a surfboard for a seaside rental in Las Catalinas any day! las catalinas costa rica beth webb 6las catalinas costa rica beth webb 2las catalinas costa rica beth webb 10las catalinas costa rica beth webb 7las catalinas costa rica beth webb 8las catalinas costa rica beth webb 11las catalinas costa rica beth webb 5las catalinas costa rica beth webb 9las catalinas costa rica beth webb 4las catalinas costa rica beth webblas catalinas costa rica beth webb 1las catalinas costa rica beth webb 1a


If you follow me on Instagram then you were the first to know that Mr. B and I have been vacationing in San Francisco for the last few days. While I’m away from my computer, enjoy a view of one of the most famous bridges in the world. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge first opened in May 1937 and will turn 80 this year. I only hope I can look as fabulous when I turn 80!

The Golden Gate Bridge’s daily strip tease from enveloping stoles of mist to full frontal glory is still the most provocative show in town.   –Mary Moore Mason, Editor of British magazine Essentially America


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! If I can’t stay in a castle when I visit Ireland someday then I sure would love to spend a few nights in a beautiful Irish country house. One place I might be willing to consider is Roundwood, an 18th century home located just over an hour outside of Dublin. The charming interiors and beautiful setting look like it would be a perfect place to call home for a relaxing few nights. Be warned: there are no flat screen TV’s to be found here. I’m not sure I can live without that creature comfort but I would be willing to give it a try and use it as a great excuse to also disconnect for a few days. 

This is such a lovely property…you’d never know that it was abandoned and boarded up during the 1960’s. Thankfully it has been restored and the current owners are willing to share it with us. To learn more about Roundwood House and its history be sure to check out their website. 

roundwood house ireland via reviving charm

Main entrance

roundwood-house-main-hall via reviving charm

Main hall and staircase.

roundwood-house-main-stairs via Reviving Charm

Main staircase.

roundwood country house ireland

Drawing Room.

irish country house roundwood-house-study via reviving charm


roundwood-house-wedding-detailed-table VIA REVIVING CHARM

Dining table set for a wedding party.

the-green-room-at-roundwood-house via reviving charm

The Green Room.

roundwood-house-green-room-bathroom via reviving charm

The Green Room bath.

roundwood-house-green-room-chair via reviving charm

A lovely cut velvet chair in the Green Room.

roundwood house yellow room via reviving charm

The Yellow Room.

roundwood house ireland via reviving charm 1

The Blue Room. The artwork in this room are actually photographs of original paintings from the 1700’s. They look amazing against Farrow and Ball’s “Drawing Room Blue” paint.

A former barn has been transformed into a library.

oundwood-house-herb-garden-via reviving charm

A corner in the herb garden.

roundwood-house-barn-interior via reviving charmroundwood-house-outbuildings via reviving charm