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Each year I enjoy sending out Christmas cards to friends and family. It’s my way of keeping snail mail alive. I enjoy selecting our cards and every year I spend a lot of time picking out “just the right one”. I always make sure to pair my cards up with matching stamps. This year I even purchased corresponding mailing labels with a green watercolor design. You can see them hiding in the picture below. The pen is by Italian pen manufacturer, Delta. I bought it as a souvenir during one of my early trips to Milan, Italy.

Smythson Christmas correspondence cards_Reviving Charm

This year I decided to do something different. I am foregoing the traditional Christmas card and replacing it with a simple correspondence card allowing me to put the focus on a personal message for each recipient. I included a holiday quote on some. For others, I composed a heartfelt message. I also enjoy hand lettering each card. I do get a lot of compliments on my penmanship so I guess all those years of old-school drafting classes paid off!

May you be inspired by giving, changed by love, filled with peace, and touched by miracles. — Mary Davis

hand lettered Christmas_Reviving CharmThe correspondence cards I am using this year are from Smythson. I purchased several boxes of Smythson stationery products earlier this year and purchased these cards in several colors. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you about their sale a few months back!) Smythson no longer offers the green but red is another perfect choice for the season. If you choose to mix things up a bit and decide to send out your own correspondence cards you can purchase them from Smythson here. 

How about you….do you still send out Christmas cards? I’m also curious about how you display the cards you receive from others. Do tell…

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