Inside the home of Joshua Schulman, President & CEO of Coach

I remember receiving my first Coach purse about 20 years ago. It was gifted to me from a group of coworkers as a going away gift after quitting my job. It was chocolate brown with brass hardware. I was a mere intern and the staff’s generosity made an impression on me. I used it throughout that entire summer. It’s funny how you never forget some things.

And speaking of Coach…in June 2017 Joshua Schulman is named the new President and CEO of the company. He comes with quite an impressive resume including stints at Bergdorf Goodman, Jimmy Choo, Gap, Gucci, and Yves St. Laurent. Three years ago he and his spouse Jim Conley, formerly with YouTube, moved to a traditional townhouse near Gramercy Park in New York. The home has a humble vibe to it and offers modern simplicity designed with many vintage pieces from notable furniture designers. There are quite a few leather pieces in the home which seem completely appropriate for an executive at a venerable U.S. fashion firm that originally started as leather goods company.

Joshua Schulman (left) and Jim Conley (right) at their New York townhome.

all images via Architectural Digest

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