Inspiration for The Seaside Guest Room (Again)

The holiday season is upon us and that means many people will be getting ready for overnight or extended stay guests. The status of our Seaside Guest Bedroom has been on my mind lately and I almost hate to admit that I’ve changed design direction…again. Why is it so much harder to design your own home than the home of someone else? Luckily, the furniture will remain the same but the accessories will be swapped out to provide a completely new look. I’ve always wanted this to be a restful seaside retreat for guests so I will be taking cues from the colors found at the beach. I was looking through my stash of fabric and found a beautiful coral pink silk taffeta from the Silk Trading Company. The color reminds me of the pinkish hue often found during sunset or on the inside of a conch shell. It’s perfect and will be used for throw pillows. I’m also excited about incorporating this beautiful marbled silk ribbon in the space to tie all the colors together. I will be sure to share when the room is complete. I know I’ve said that before but this time I really do mean it…I promise…fabric design styleEven though I finalized my color scheme a while ago, I was still searching for inspiration. I wanted to see how others incorporated shades of grey, salmon, ivory and beige. I never quite found anything that “spoke” to me but the image below was part of an email sent by One Kings Lane this morning. It was the confirmation I needed to make me feel like I was on the right track. I fell in love with the look and feel of this space. It has such a graceful elegance to it but still feels very welcoming. Hopefully I can channel a little bit of that vibe into my own space. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Inspiration for The Seaside Guest Room (Again)

  1. After Orange County says:

    I hear you when you say it’s so much harder to design for yourself than others. The time has come for me to make some changes to my own home but I have lacked motivation, instead putting all of my energy into my flip homes. But now that my son is getting married at our home in September, 2018, I finally have the impetus I needed to move forward. This is not unlike what you are surely feeling, with the holidays approaching and the inevitable houseguests arriving. So, I think your inspiration photo is such a soft, soothing space, just what houseguests will really appreciate. I love your choices. Go for it girl!

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