Green for the Money; Gold for the Honey

I’m more of a neutral kinda gal but when it comes to color, I do love the look of green and gold together. It’s seen in nature (think flowers and trees) and has been incorporated into fashion and interior design. I am not quite bold enough to incorporate this color scheme into my own wardrobe or decor, but it is a color combination that works and is one that I can appreciate. Depending on the look you are after, it can feel traditional or very and gold color schemeOn another note….let me ask you something….Have you ever heard the phrase, “Green for the Money; Gold for the Honey”? It is the title of an album (yes, an actual record album) of 70’s and 80’s soul classics that was released in 2006. I’m not a fan of that genre of music but when trying to figure out what to title this post, for some strange reason that title came to mind. Go figure…

green and gold color scheme 1

2 thoughts on “Green for the Money; Gold for the Honey

  1. After Orange County says:

    I am simply swooning over these images Vanessa! I never gave much thought to this color combo but I sure am now. Green is my favorite color, which would be no surprise to anyone following the progress on my latest fixer-upper. But you’ve shown us how great it is in combination with gold. The result is so very warm and simply stunning. Now my design wheels are spinning. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great Sunday.

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