On the heels of the glitz and glamour of the Academy Award show last night I started thinking about how the rest of us could introduce a bit of glamour into our own lives.  We all can’t be A-list actors (or B-list, for that matter) but everyone is entitled to feel chic and glamourous.

dressing table makeup table reviving charm

dressing table makeup table reviving charm red chairYou might not have room for a makeup table or dressing room vanity, which seems like the ultimate in glamour, but sparing a corner on a dresser, counter or other choice place can immediately transform and elevate normal everyday objects into something glamorous.

In a previous post I shared a few of my favorite fragrances of the moment. They are prominently displayed on a silver tray in my walk-in closet. I’ve created a little vignette of sorts that includes my current fragrances, favorite perfume bottles from the past, and a glass bowl that holds a long string of pearls. That tray of happy things puts a smile on my face each morning.  After all, sometimes it’s the little things that can make us feel special. 

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  1. Karen B. says:

    I love several of the tray displays you’ve shared with us. You’re so right. We could all use a little glamour and you’ve provided plenty of inspiration of follow through in this post.

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