One of the things you do while studying interior design is learn about the many different design styles that have evolved throughout the decades. Through my studies many moons ago I developed a great deal of respect for a variety of different decorating styles. My own style has evolved over the years but I’ve learned that I am a traditionalist by nature and always gravitate toward traditional details when it comes to decor. Since those early days in design school I created a mental list of decorating accessories that I have always wanted to  purchase and call my own. I am happy to report that I can cross one item off my “want” list: a Federal style mirror. If you read yesterday’s post then you already know that I recently purchased one while on vacation. What a great souvenir!

Let’s take a look a closer look at the Federal style mirror and see how it has been incorporated into a variety of spaces.

federal style mirror via reviving charmfederal style mirror 5 via reviving charm

Another decorating detail that I am particularly fond of is how mirrors (or artwork) is hung on a bookshelf, as seen in the pictures above and below. federal style convex eagle mirror by reviving charmfederal style convex mirror reviving charmfederal style mirror 3 via reviving charmfederal style mirror 1 via reviving charmfederal style convex eagle mirror by reviving charmfederal style mirror 4 via reviving charm

Images from my Pinterest board.


  1. After Orange County says:

    You are a woman of my own heart, as I just love Federal Style Mirrors and like you, have always dreamed of owning one. I also know what you mean about finding your inner, true style. My tastes have also evolved over the years but when I finally built my own home I had to really define what I truly love and stick with it.

  2. Karen B. says:

    I do love your new mirror. I think they are such a welcome addition to any room. I’m a traditionalist as well, with a few twists but it’s fun to finally understand what I will love living with for a long time! 🙂
    There are some pretty examples of Federal Style Mirrors in your post. I may have to shop for one. 🙂

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