I have a window in my bathroom that provides nice natural light and has a view of the large mature trees behind our property. I particularly enjoy watching the trees sway in the breeze each morning as I get ready. But in addition to the trees, I also have a view of my neighbors house so privacy is a concern. I have cafe curtains on the window now and they solve my problem perfectly by providing privacy without completely blocking the views I enjoy. However, when I am back to feeling 100% one of my projects will be to replace the store bought, off the shelf curtains (that were supposed to be temporary) with something custom made for the space. I am thinking something in a soft ivory linen with a polished chrome cafe rod. If you have a similar type of situation you might consider something short and sweet like a set of cafe curtains as an alternative to traditional blinds or shutters.

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  1. Karen B. says:

    There are some wonderful examples of cafe curtains here. I love the kitchen eating nook with the lantern over the table—the curtains are charming. Oddly, the only rooms with window coverings are the bedrooms. Our house is a patio home so there is no visibility for the neighbor on the side with all the windows.
    Hope you’re close to 100% health wise.

  2. After Orange County says:

    I love cafe curtains and used them in my cabin renovation. My goal, like yours, was to save the pretty forested view while at the same time not cover up the pretty, wooden, vintage windows themselves. I have never seen them used on French doors as shown in one of your photos above and I love that idea! Now you’ve got me thinking, as I have a privacy issue with a French door in my mud room.

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