Fascination with Orchids

I received an email recently about the upcoming Fascination with Orchids show that, regretfully, I will have to miss. But I have a good excuse and you’ll have to read tomorrow’s post to learn why I won’t be able to attend. I digress…There are countless varieties of orchid plants that come in a variety of beautiful shapes, colors, and sizes. They get a bad rap for being known as difficult to grow. My mother-in-law had the magic touch when it came to orchids and I always enjoyed seeing her collection. I will admit that they can be finicky. But if I can grow them anyone can. They need just the right amount of light and if you find that sweet spot where they are happy do not move them. Years back they seemed like the “it” plant in home decor and they would show up in almost every magazine spread. To me, they will always be a classic and one plant that I consistently keep in my own home and on my desk at work. If you live in Southern California and are looking for something to do this weekend shop by the show this weekend, September 23-34, from 10 am to 5 pm. at South Coast Plaza. There will be orchid vendors from around the world offering an array of unique varieties, as well as displays and helpful seminars. And if you need a few ideas on how to display your new orchids then here are a few bits of inspiration. decorating with orchids_Reviving Charmdecorating with orchids_Reviving Charm 1decorating with orchids_reviving charm 4decorating with orchids_Reviving Charm 3decorating with orchids_reviving charm 5decorating with orchids_reviving charm 6decorating with orchids_Reviving Charm 8decorating with orchids_reviving charm 9decorating with orchids_reviving charm 11decorating with orchids_Reviving Charm 10

5 thoughts on “Fascination with Orchids

  1. Gerri says:

    This post made me smile! The best luck I’ve had with orchids is to ignore them. I suppose I found a spot in my garden where they get the right amount of sun and I’ve learned they don’t like too much water! Lovely post.

    • Reviving Charm says:

      I am so happy that today’s post put a smile on your face. Orchids in the garden are particularly lovely. I bet your garden is beautiful.

  2. After Orange County says:

    The images you shared today are really lovely. I too appreciate orchids but I always disappoint myself with houseplants, as they never seem to thrive in my care. I still buy orchids from time to time, and love to receive them as gifts. I rationalize the purchase because even for me, they do last longer than fresh-cut flowers. Can’t wait to hear what you will be up to this weekend!! Suspense!!!

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