While driving from Point A to Point B recently, Mr. B and I drove by a house we once considered buying before actually making an offer on our seaside ranch home. One of the many features I really liked about the house was a lovely window seat in the master bedroom overlooking the garden. I was already picturing myself lounging on the window seat and reading a book while enjoying the landscape just beyond the window. The thought of having a window seat is such a romantic notion but chances are that it would really just become the perfect spot to dump my purse after a long day. Nevertheless, a window seat really is such a charming feature to have in a home and such a quaint area to decorate. Anything I can toss a few throw pillows on gets a thumbs up from me. I still love them…

Yes, please. So pretty and elegant.


I love this curved window seat. It’s such a luxury in a dressing room. It’s also the perfect little spot to sit and put on your favorite pair of shoes.


This looks like a new build and I thought it was an interesting choice to line a total of four window seats along the window wall. The view must be spectacular and this picture keeps me wanting to see more.


Although not a built-in window seat, I would venture to guess that this piece of furniture was custom made to fit this spot perfectly. I wanted to include this picture in the roundup to give you an example of how to achieve a similar look and feel of a built-in with a piece of furniture.

window-seats-via-revivngcharm_com-7This is such a sweet space and I like the exposed baskets instead of drawers or doors because they provide natural texture to the room. Plus, toys are within easy reach for children so this design is very functional.


The overall room is very pretty. It actually reminds me a little of the house we almost purchased.


Small but sweet. Drawers provide great storage for things you want hidden from sight. What you don’t see is that the window seat is actually flanked by twin beds.


I like this space but was originally uncertain on whether to include it in this post. The dog sold me. With that adorable face, I had to throw this picture into the mix.


Of all spaces highlighted in this post, this looks the most comfortable for reading a book or dozing off for an afternoon nap. It’s a very pretty space that is also very functional.


I didn’t realize until I was uploading the photos for this post that the pictures above and below are the same space. I had to include both pictures to show you just how different a space could look by switching out the pillows. Personally, I prefer the pillows below because they add a bit of pattern. The architecture is beyond amazing….


Which window seat do you prefer? Do you have one in your own home? If not, would you want one? What are your thoughts on window seats? Let’s discuss….


  1. After Orange County says:

    Oh, I adore window seats!! As a little girl I dreamed of having one and vowed as an adult to eventually acquire one. Sadly, I’m still on that mission, maybe one day. I see myself curling up with a good book, a pretty view and having some relaxed me time.

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