Having to keep up on major retailer and restaurant trends, mergers, closings and openings can be somewhat of an occupational hazard of my day job. While there have been rumors that the online company One Kings Lane would be sold, I learned last week that Bed Bath and Beyond has indeed purchased them for an undisclosed amount. I don’t know what this will mean for the future of One Kings Lane but I can only imagine (pure speculation on my part) that changes are to come given that the company will be under the control of a big box retailer…maybe not immediately but eventually. Again, it’s speculation and I sure hope I am wrong!

“…We are thrilled for the opportunity to provide them with additional support and exposure to promote and grow their brand…At the same time, One Kings Lane will serve as a cornerstone for Bed Bath & Beyond’s growing offerings in furniture and home decor, and together we will be able to do even more for and with our collective customers wherever, whenever and however they wish to interact with us, and to further our mission to be viewed as the expert for the home.” — Steven H. Temares, CEO, Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc.


I have followed the site One Kings Lane since its inception in 2009. The site has evolved over the years from a flash sale website to a full blown design resource and style guide. I have ordered from them on a few occasions and have been happy with my products, as well as their customer service. One Kings Lane has a distinctive flair with beautiful imagery that always looks effortless chic. I particularly enjoy how they show off gorgeous spaces and vignettes coupled with stylish people from creative industries. They pair these features with suggested items from their site so you can achieve a similar look in your own home. For now let’s bask in the moment and enjoy One Kings Lane as we know it today with an intimate summertime gathering shared on their site. This lovely outdoor event was designed by Tara Guérard, a Charleston, South Carolina event planner. Doesn’t it look like a perfect place for a luncheon?

Tara Guerard soiree tablescape one kings lane reviving charm

Entertaining doesn’t have to be difficult…or expensive. After dissecting Tara’s tabletop, I realized that you don’t have to be a professional party planner to create a tabletop as stylish as the one she created for her outdoor soiree. By incorporating these five simple ideas you can create something equally as lovely:

  1. Table linens. Invest in good quality white table linens. White is classic and versatile. You can use them in a casual or formal setting and they are well suited for any theme.
  2. No sew table runner. Tara purchased fabric off the bolt to create a table runner with absolutely no sewing required. That’s my kind of project…BUT…I’m kind of OCD so I might just hem the ends and leave the selvage ends as is. Maybe…
  3. Simple centerpieces. Forgo the elaborate centerpiece and opt to scatter a few flowers of the same variety across the table. Floral containers don’t need to be identical but they should be complementary to one another. If you are using multiple arrangements, be sure to incorporate an odd number of them to ensure your table looks balanced. Tara opted to use five white hydrangea arrangements in complimentary blue and white containers. Repetition contributes to this winning floral design.
  4. Ribbon to the rescue. Using ribbon to tie around cloth napkins is a great alternative to actual napkin rings. If you don’t have napkin rings that suit your theme, this is a great way to add a creative touch. Tara took it one step further by layering her ribbon. A wide satin ribbon was used and topped off with a single strand of striped grosgrain ribbon to compliment the blue and white stripe on the tablecloth.
  5. Color tip. There is a time and place for a perfectly matched table setting. However, sometimes matchy-matchy can be boring. The place setting below is a perfect example of how you don’t have to use the exact same color to make a design work. In fact, Tara’s use of a variety of blues compliment each other and keeps this design fresh and interesting.

Tara Guerard soiree one kings lane reviving charm 2Tara Guerard one kings lane via reviving charmTara Guerard one kings lane reviving charmTara Guerard soiree tablescape one kings lane reviving charm 4

The theme is further emphasized with the use of “blue” berries served in refreshing beverages.

Tara Guerard soiree one kings lane reviving charm

Above & below: I am a firm believer that children’s tables shouldn’t be overlooked. The same thought and planning you put into the adult table should be taken into consideration for a children’s table. Actually, I sometimes have more fun decorating the children’s table than the adult table. It’s a great excuse to get creative and have fun. It’s a time to let your inner child shine!

Adding a treat to the children’s table is a nice touch. In keeping with the blue theme, Tara adds a chocolate bar with a blue wrapper at each child’s setting. Add a little greenery from the garden for a no cost, stylish decoration.

Tara Guerard soiree tablescape one kings lane reviving charm 2Tara Guerard soiree tablescape one kings lane reviving charm 3

Don’t overlook the beverage table. This is a great opportunity to reinforce your design theme by using a similar style. Tara selected beverages with blue and white labels to match the decor. I have actually done this, and it’s funny how it makes for great conversation.  Plus, it makes your guests feel extra special when they realize you took the extra effort to plan out every single detail.

Do you plan on entertaining this summer? If you have any helpful hints, please feel free to share. 

Photos via One Kings Lane. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. After Orange County says:

    Very interesting about One King’s Lane. Thanks for the great party ideas, several of which I plan to incorporate in the upcoming birthday party I’m having for my husband in 2 weeks. It’s so nice to finally have weather that will allow me to entertain outdoors.

  2. Karen B. says:

    Wow, that is interesting about One King’s Lane selling to BB&B. I believe it could still be as innovative as they have been to this point, but with additional funding to create even more opportunity for consumers. The BB&B company has had a reputation as a well run company (or they used to when my investment club looked into them). 🙂 I love to entertain year round and there are some great ideas here. Thanks!

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