There is no denying that I love San Francisco. Over the years Mr B and I have traveled there so often, people think we live there. We had a hiatus in travel for a bit but are getting back into the groove of things. When first made it back into town last year one of the restaurant staff commented, “Where have you been. I thought you moved”. I tell you this not to brag but to offer some sound travel advice: make friends with the hotel staff and servers wherever you go. They will treat you well. Even if it’s in your own home town. Your parents may have taught you to “treat everyone the way you wish to be treated”. The were right. People will appreciate you for it and along the way you can meet some really nice people!

I have fond memories of San Francisco and am looking forward to flying up there tomorrow. If you want to join us on our travels, be sure to follow along on Instagram and Twitter. I also have some fun posts planned for while I am away.

We plan on visiting the Oscar de la Renta Retrospective at the de Young Museum, visit the annual flower show at Macy’s as well as shop, dine and wander throughout the city. We will go wherever the wind takes us. I’m also hoping to visit the exhibit of French artist Pierre Bonnard at the Legion of Honor. It is the first and only U.S. stop. And it is at one of my favorite museums. The Style Saloniste did a lovely post about Bonnard if you want to learn more.

Someone recently asked me “are you a details person or a big picture person”. With no hesitation, I responded: “details”. Since I am feeling a little nostalgic about the city I love, I have decided to share a few pictures of San Francisco I have taken over the years. Naturally, they are just a few of the little “details” that make the city so great.      Enjoy…  -XOXO, V.

coit tower san francisco reviving charm

The climb is worth the views and the exercise is rewarding.

san francisco bay reviving charm

The beautiful bay.

san francisco cafe chairs reviving charm

French cafe in the heart of Downtown.

The Schuggi chocolate shop is now closed but this remains one of my favorite pictures.

san francisco palace hotel architecture reviving charm

The Palace Hotel.

san francisco bakeries reviving charm

Peeking through the window at a cookie display.

san francisco mural gitane restaurant reviving charm

Exterior of Gitane Restaurant on Claude Lane (it’s really more of an alley than a street).

san francisco public art statue reviving charm

Public Art.

san francisco antique shopping reviving charm french antiques

Window displays at Aria on Grant Avenue.

A beautiful gold cherub guards the entrance to a building along Market Street.

A beautiful gold cherub guards the entrance to a building along Market Street.

doors of san francisco reviving charm

Ornate metal work on cathedral doors

Fresh bread piled in wicker and wire baskets.


  1. Karen B. says:

    I love San Francisco. My Mr. B had a temporary work gig up there. We rented an apartment in Emeryville and we toured the city and the Napa region every other weekend (my visits to him). We were sorry when that job returned us to Orange County…not that we don’t love where we live but there is so much to see and do in the city.
    Enjoy your mini-vacation.

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