Fit for a {Principessa}

I have been learning Italian for a few years on and off as a hobby as opposed to serious study. Like many tourists to Italy, I started with a few basic phrases thinking it would be fun and a great way to immerse myself in the culture. I do not claim be proficient in the language by any stretch of the imagination but I know enough not to get myself into trouble…although I did have an argument with a gelato server for giving me the wrong flavor and I had to firmly point out to a cashier several times at the train station that he gave me the wrong change.

A few months ago I subscribed to the Italian version of Marie Claire Maison magazine. The current issue features the home of twenty-seven-year-old Princess Antea Brugnoni Alliata, her husband Maro Kinloch Herbertson (owner of the silk fashion accessories brand “Kinloch”), and their three children. A year ago the couple decided to move to Rome while maintaining their 17th-century Sicilian palace, Villa Valguarnera. Their new residence is decorated in shades of blues and greens with the most amazing wallpaper. It turns out that the couple recently debuted their own new wallpaper company,  Roi Du Lac at Maison & Objet. Thier home seems to be a wonderful showcase of their new line, wouldn’t you agree? (You can learn more about the inspiration behind their new company here).  From the limited photos, I can already tell that thier new home in Rome is definitely fit for a Principessa…

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2 thoughts on “Fit for a {Principessa}

  1. After Orange County says:

    Buongiorno. Good for you for taking up Italian. I speak Spanish (however poorly) and years ago also decided I wanted to learn Italian so I took a night school class for fun. My knowledge of Spanish helped a lot and it’s fun to be able to get by with broken Italian when I’m traveling. I joke that Italian is nothing more than Spanish with a vowel on the end of every word. Not true of course but close sometimes. Love the Principessa’s home. I am so drawn to blue and keep saying I want to use it in one of my fixer uppers, but thus far have failed to do so. Maybe next time. This beautiful villa is great inspiration. Ciao!

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