Happy Friday: The Door to the Weekend

door to the weekend Reviving Charm quote

Happy Friday! I like to think of Friday as the door to the weekend; a door that leads to the opportunity for a little fun. What do you have planned? June gloom may have set in but it’s not going to dampen my mood for the weekend. I hope to be productive with some home projects that I keep putting off (i.e. the seaside guest bedroom…I know, I know, it’s taking forever), do research for a couple of upcoming vacations, sort through pictures I took yesterday to share with you for an upcoming post, and get outside for a bit. However, I do have to fit in a little bit of time for work to prepare for an important presentation this upcoming Monday night. Wish me luck. One thing I know for sure is at 5 pm today, when the proverbial whistle blows, I will be smiling from ear to ear….let the weekend begin!

door to the weekend Reviving Charm

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