happy new year from reviving charmI am not a parade person but this morning I will be watching just enough of the 127th annual Rose Parade to support my friends who will be riding prominently on one of the floats. I am also hoping to catch a glimpse of a few other friends who are working the sidelines. While they will be exposed to the crisp California weather, I will be viewing the parade from the family room in the comfort of my own home. I will be sitting by a toasty warm fire eating delicious scones freshly baked by a wonderful neighbor. By midmorning I will be enjoying a New Year’s Day brunch at the oceanfront Terranea Resort to celebrate a loved one’s birthday. It will be a busy day but my year is definitely off to a great start.

What’s in store for you today? Whatever you plans may be…I hope they are filled with lots of fun and lots of laughter. Happy New Year’s Day!

One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016

  1. Karen B. says:

    That sounds like a perfectly delightful NY morning. I’m capitalizing on the energy this day always brings and trimming my Cecile Brunner climbing rose. 🙂
    Happy New Year.

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