When Architectural Digest posted these pictures online yesterday I immediately knew it would be a great follow up to my previous post on Angelli Style. This getaway home, a former convent, belongs to Jacaranda Caracciolo di Melito Falck, the adopted daughter of Carlo Caracciol who was the co-founder of L’Espresso and Italian newspaper La Repubblica. The tie to my previous post is that Jacaranda and her late father are also related to the Agnelli’s (Marella Agnelli is Carlos’s younger sister and Jacaranda’s aunt). I’m not one to gossip (!) but on a side note, if you’re interested in hearing about a little family drama be sure to check out the riveting article Vanity Fair published a few years ago after the passing of Jacaranda’s father. Apparently, Jacaranda found herself in the middle of a scandal after her fathers passing. I won’t say anymore because you really should out the piece in Vanity Fair for yourself.

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