I made a vow to myself that after the holiday season I would redo my office. It is currently painted Sherwin William’s “Intellectual Grey”. And when people ask what color it is I always tell them I feel just a little bit smarter spending time in this space.  However, the paint had barely dried before I began to think of repainting.  (Is that a typical day in the life of a designer?) I was vacillating between navy or the perfect shade of coral pink. Specifically, a sophisticated coral hue; one that you might find on the inside of a seashell. Definitely nothing juvenile. 

I have to give credit to the talented designer Anthony Baratta for posting this picture from the Lyford Cay Club in the Bahamas on his Instagram. All it took was one glance at this picture for me to make a decision. Now excuse me while I go pull out stacks of paint samples in search of the perfect shade of coral pink…

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