We inherited several rose bushes when we moved into our home several years ago. I knew nothing about roses and actually never cared for them. I generally associated them as the unimaginative Valentine’s Day gift. When we purchased our home we knew that garden renovations needed to be done but were not high on the priority list. We bought a fixer so the interiors were (still are) the first to tackle. In essence, we were forced to cohabitate with the roses and ultimately learned to love them. Our future plans include someday clearing out an area near the side of the property to devote to a very small rose garden. The roses won our hearts over.

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Over the weekend I took a trip to my favorite local garden center, Roger’s Gardens, where they happened to be hosting the Orange County Rose Show & Ameteur Rose Show contests. The timing was perfect because I am already thinking about planning our small rose garden and seeing so many beautiful varieties in person is just what I needed. They may look beautiful in catalogs but there’s nothing like seeing the real deal in person. The world of roses is a fascinating one. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.

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The miniature roses (seen in the next 3 pictures) immediately caught my eye. I am definitely thinking about growing some minis. They are so sweet and a single bloom looks great in a tiny bud vase that can be enjoyed in almost any room in the house. Their colors are amazing and the various forms are stunning.

miniature roses orange county rose show rogers gardens via reviving charm

miniature rose orange county rose show rogers gardens via reviving charm

One of my favorite miniatures is named “Fairy” (below). It has sweet clusters of pink blooms that look so lovely with the droplets of rain we received over the weekend. Yes, it (slightly) rained in Southern California while I was visiting the nursery and I was totally unprepared.

miniature rose fairy orange county rose show rogers gardens via reviving charm

Although there were many beautiful rose entries, one of my favorites actually turned out to be a rose named Koko Loco. When I first laid eyes on it I thought to myself “who knew there was such a thing as a brown rose!” Its unusual color, a beautiful shade of latte, is the reason I was instantly drawn to it. When I came home I immediately did some quick research and learned that Koko Loco is a light latte colored rose that gradually turns lavender over time. Interesting…krazy for koko loco via reviving charm

Let me introduce you to Koko Loco…

koko loco rose reviving charm

Look closely at the picture below and you can see how a couple of the petals are already shifting from a pure latte color to lavender and pink.

koko loco rose via reviving charm

The petals of KoKo Loco have a very feminine quality with its slightly ruffled petals. Lovely!

koko loco rose via reviving charm 1

While doing more research on Koko Loco I found these floral arrangements by Berkely, California floral designer Max Gill. He handpicked Koko Loco from his own garden to create these stunning arrangements in conjunction with Alicia of Flirty Fleurs. After seeing how Koko Loco can be incorporated into such an elegant design, I am convinced that Koko Loco will need to be included into our very own rose garden design. Ah, someday….

Max-Gill-koko loco rose reviving charmMax-Gill-Floral-Design koko loco reviving charm

9 thoughts on “KRAZY ABOUT KOKO LOCO

  1. Karen B. says:

    What a fun excursion. I love Rogers Gardens and frequent the nursery whenever I need a shot of garden inspiration. That Koko Loko is a great color. The other cocoa colored rose that I’ve yet to add to my garden (but have wanted to) is Hot Cocoa. I think these cocoa colored roses are wonderful any time of the year but have always thought it would be great to have them for arrangements for the autumn.

    • Reviving Charm says:

      Good Morning, Karen
      Yes, Roger’s is a great place. Actually to call it a “nursery” as I did is an understatement. There is nothing like it! It’s great year round but the holidays are a treat.

      Thanks for letting me know about Hot Cocoa. I looked it up and is very beautiful. These would be wonderful for autumn, wouldn’t they. I will be sure to share my plan when its done…eventually! Have a great week.

  2. AsDesignedInteriors says:

    Love the brown rose. I too, never realized there was such a color in roses. I may be adding this color to my landscape. I have a green miniature rose. It changes from white to an icy green, then as it matures has a pink tint. Quite lovely.

  3. spiffylook says:

    My mother loved her roses. I’ve been thinking of planting some in her honor when I redo my front yard. The hardest part will be choosing, there are so many varieties. I have a courtyard, maybe I’ll start with some fragrant ones in a pot by my front door.

    • Reviving Charm says:

      When I think of her garden I think of her hydrangeas. They were beautiful. I forgot about the roses.

      I think they would look wonderful in your courtyard. Tree roses would look pretty in your courtyard. Xoxo.

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