Laundry Day

One of the most daunting tasks after coming home from a long trip is having to sort through laundry and items to be dry cleaned. But if I had a laundry room like this I’m sure it might be a much more enjoyable chore. A laundry room is a great space to be a bit daring and take a chance with color and pattern. A great look can be easily achieved by pairing an unexpected cabinet color, such as this mint green, with a fabulous patterned floor tile just like this laundry room designed by Ashley Winn Design. The design elements are simple and refined but the results are nothing short of fabulous.

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    1. Hi friend! I’m so glad you enjoyed my posts while I was away. The trip was wonderful and hopefully I’ll get a recap up soon. I hope you’re doing well and things are great in your end. Have a great week, Karen

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