This Australian home, built in the 1880’s, is located in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia and serves as the backdrop for an extensive art collection that can be seen both inside and out. I tend to shy away from bright colors in my own home but if I were to live with such a colorful collection of art this would be a home I could feel comfortable in. While the home is decorated with a bohemian modern flair, the homeowners did a nice job of maintaining many of the home’s original features and successfully incorporating modern day luxuries like the retractable glass doors in the dining room and the master bedroom soaking tub.

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3 thoughts on “LIVING WITH ART

  1. Karen B. says:

    What a pretty home. I’m surprised that the home seems dwarfed by the home on either side of it. I prefer the proportions of the home featured over the giant structures flanking.
    I love the open feel to each room and the art collection is perfect in this setting.
    Continued wishes for a quick recovery.

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