I’ve never been to Ireland but it’s on the bucket list. If I ever get a chance to visit I would love to spend a night in a historic castle. Wouldn’t that be an incredible experience? Luggala Lodge is one such place that has a very long list of famous guests. But if you want more than just a short visit to a castle and prefer to call one home then how about actually purchasing Luggala for a mere $30 million. It is situated on 5,000 acres of picturesque land that is just 28 miles outside of Dublin. It comes with everything you can imagine from such an esteemed piece of property including a caretaker house, guest quarters, horse stables, boat house, and an indoor pool. The castle was built in 1787 and later purchased by the La Touche family, who were Dublin bankers. The property was then sold in 1937 to Ernest Guinness as a wedding present for his daughter. luggala castle castle grounds 2luggala castle castle grounds 2luggala castle castle interior 4luggala castle castle interiorluggala castle castle interior 2luggala castle castle interior 3luggala castle castle grounds via reviving charmluggala castle castle grounds 6luggala castle castle grounds 4luggala castle guest house groundsuggala castle guest house grounds 7

It isn’t so much an estate as a kingdom, a veritable Middle Earth of heather-covered-mountains, silvery waterfalls and lakes, emerald forests and meadows.  —W Magazine

luggala castle guest house grounds 8luggala castle castle grounds 5luggala castle castle groundsTo whet your appetite about the intriguing history of this property, be sure to check out the property’s website. Alternatively, for a more in-depth insight on the history of Luggala and its prior inhabitants, add a copy of  Luggala Days to your library. The book is authored by Robert O’Byrne and is sure to provide very captivating details on the history of the estate.

O’Byrne treats the house like a three-dimensional novel, mining centuries of gossip, scandal, and tragedy, as well as family albums, guest books, letters, and diaries, to create a 256-page volume that is as satisfying as a pint of the stout that fueled the family of Luggala’s fortune. –Architectural Digest

Luggala days book author Robert O’Byrne

Images via Sotheby’s and Architectural Digest


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      The romantic notion of owning a castle is wonderful but I wouldn’t want to deal with the day to day upkeep either. I would much rather visit and just enjoy fond memories of a lovely stay.

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