The Ranch Style home is a particular architectural style that originated in the United States. It is a style often associated with the post-war housing boom of middle class tract homes typically constructed in the 1950-60’s. Over the decades, America has fallen in and out of love with the Ranch but seems as of late there is a growing fondness for this humble style of architecture.

I purchased a fixer-upper Ranch style home exactly three three years ago this month in a Southern California beach community. With many projects on the to-do list, I am always intrigued when I hear about a homeowner updating their own Ranch homes. I always wonder how a home with such humble beginnings can be transformed in a manner that can accommodate modern day standards without compromising the original architectural design. When I came across photos of this Texas Ranch home in Bungalow Magazine, I was pleasantly surprised to see how a simple Ranch style home can be elevated to a level that evokes such a glamourous vibe.

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  1. Karen B. says:

    This home is lovely, it would be fun to see pics of the ‘before’. The overall decor certainly doesn’t let on that this was a humble ranch style home at one time.
    Happy Friday.

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