Even when you purchase a home that has recently been renovated, chances are that you will be wanting to put your own stamp on it; personalize it, if you will, to make it yours to reflect your personal taste in design. That was definitely┬áthe case when a Portland, Oregon┬ácouple purchased this 1940’s Georgian style home from a bachelorette who had recently transformed it into her “dream home”. The new owners called upon Holly Freres of JHL Design to help renovate the space. They were seeking less of a feminine “princess” feel, as they described it, in favor of something a tad more modern, masculine, and edgy. The overall result maintains the original roots of the home with its traditional architectural elements that serve as a backdrop for everything modern, masculine and edgy…everything the new owners dreamed of.

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  1. It would have been fun to see the before too, not that I’m into “Princess Style” however. I love what they did to the powder room ceiling. Looks like a slab of stone. Very inventive. Must have been an engineering feat to get it up there!

    1. I agree 100%…it would have been great to see the “before”. Yes, the ceiling is amazing. I am going to guess it’s a fabulous wallpaper, but you never know…it could be the real deal and that would be impressive.

  2. I like some of the details in the newly remodeled home, it reflects the words the owners used to describe what they were after. I agree, it would have been fun to see the “princess” pad! ­čÖé

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