If you choose to hang around with me here for any length of time (and I hope you do!) you will quickly learn that I am a lover of many different design styles. Given that I studied art and architecture in college, it is no surprise that an interior with a neoclassical influence is one that I will always be drawn to.

The bedroom below is a wonderful example of a modern day interior that incorporates classic elements.  I love the overall styling and symmetrical design but the light fixture looks rather out of place and is the one thing I would recommend to be immediately replaced.

reviving charm bust statuary interior grey cameo


One of the things I have always had on my “home decor” wish list is a classic statuary bust. I am in the process of decorating our living room and think a classic bust would the perfect accessory to grace our entry table. However, as a unique alternative to a statuary piece I might even consider one made of wax. There are a few candle manufacturers that take creativity to a whole new level and offer candles in unique sculptural forms. Take a look…

trudon bust candle napoleon bonaparte reviving charm

Above: Napoleon Bonaparte

bust candle madame-de-pompadour-d l company reviving charm

Above: The Madame de Pompadour candle sculpture portrays Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, mistress to Louis XV from 1745 until her death in 1764.

napoleon bonaparte bust candle art candle store reviving charm

Above: Napoleon Bonaparte

Beethoven bust candle art candle store reviving charm

Above: Ludwig Van Beethoven


Image 1: Maison Trudon/Image 2: D.L. & Co./ Images 3 & 4: The Art Candle Store


  1. Karen B. says:

    I’ve always admired a bust when used as an accessory. I love these candle busts, and they’re certainly more affordable than most that I’ve found online. I love the lamps in the first image. Fun post.

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