Homage to Arnold Palmer: The Golfer & Namesake Beverage

In the sweltering heat here in Southern California I can’t help but think of ways to cool off. I recommend a classic Arnold Palmer for those who prefer a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink. Plus, there isn’t a better day to enjoy one than today which is the 86th birthday of legendary golfer Arnold Palmer, who invented the drink in the 1960’s.

Classic Arnold Palmer:  Combine approximately 70%  ice tea, 30% lemonade and add sugar to taste, if needed. If you have any sparkling water on hand try adding a touch or used flavored fruit tea to create a unique flavor.

Shaken and served over ice, this proves to be a classic summertime drink that can also feel like a lifesaver on hot days like this!  Don’t forget to serve them up in a cute little mason jar to add a bit of summertime charm.

arnold palmer1

Better yet, why not step it up a notch and turn those Arnold Palmers into a delicious popsicle treat to beat the heat. Enjoy….and stay cool, my friends.

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