Did you know that the carnation is the flower of the month for January? Since we’re being honest here, I’ll admit that carnations are not my first choice of flower. Or second. Or third choice. For as long as I can remember I’ve never liked carnations. They’ve always seemed like such a generic flower and used as inexpensive “filler” in floral arrangements. Friends and family that know me well have learned to never include carnations in bouquets they send me. Even when I place an order with my florist Mary (for myself or as a gift), she always reminds me that she remembers my preference. “I know, I know…no baby’s breath or carnations,” she says.

Don’t tell anyone but I think I *might* be reconsidering my position on this matter. I hate to admit it but over the last couple of years I’ve had a secretly growing appreciation for the carnation. I might be eating my words (not the first time…or the last) but I am going to go out on a limb here and say that maybe this humble little flower is underrated.


Image via Sayeh Pezeshki


Image via Eddie Ross

There is definitely something to be said about a flower that lasts such a long time after it has been cut. Plus, the fact that they are so inexpensive is another perk. While I am not going to unequivocally dismiss my position, I did want to share a few pictures that have me thinking that I might have to give carnations a fair chance. carnations-via-revivingcharmtips-for-arranging-carnations-via-revivingcharm


Image via Floret Cadet


The beautiful pink carnations above and below are from the book Flair: Exquisite Invitations, Lush Flowers, and Gorgeous Table Settings” by Joe Nye. This book has been in my library since it was published in 2010 and I reference it often for inspiration. It’s visually stunning and packed with lots of entertaining tips. If you love to entertain, I highly recommend this book. It’s also a great book for gifting.carnations-joe-nye-book-flair-via-revivingcharm-1carnation-comeback-via-revivingcharm

After reviewing the pictures to be included in this post, I realized that carnations are appropriate for almost any season and for any holiday. Wow…another argument in favor of the carnation!carnations-for-fall-via-revivingcharm-1carnation-flower-arrangements-via-revivingcharmb8a43cf05d77e6cb2fc4f0aa833178d4


I previously posted about Carolyne Roehm’s inspiration for this tablescape. If you missed it, be sure to check it out HERE.


  1. Karen B. says:

    I used to avoid carnations at all costs, but ever since Carolyne Roehm showed them to be beautiful when massed, I’ve bought in and been rewarded with flowers that easily last 2 weeks and look lovely. I only buy one color at a time but their price point makes it easy to fill vases with lots of these beauties.

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