Given that’s it’s National Sunglasses Day I thought it would be appropriate, and kind of fun, to provide you with a glimpse of my own sunglass collection and a peek inside the seaside California home shared with Mr. B.

bedroom design inside the home of reviving charm

Anyone who knows me well enough has learned that no matter what time of year it is, I don’t go anywhere without a pair of oversized pair of black sunglasses in hand. They have turned into my fashion trademark and are a wardrobe staple. I own multiple pairs of black sunglasses and most of them are corralled in a beautiful vintage bowl I purchased online from High Street Market that sits on our bedroom dresser. I purchased the bowl exclusively for this purpose.


In a previous post, I talked about how I like to pick up souvenirs from our travels. The little Italian gilt mirror was picked up on our trip last year through Canada and Washington. Isn’t it sweet?

reviving charm antique mirrorreviving charm art at home

The artwork was picked up at Etcetera’s on one of our many trips to La Jolla. I mentioned Etcetera’s in another previous post as one of the shops I like to frequent when visiting La Jolla. I always leave there with something. These tiny treasures put a smile on my face and each time I look at them I am reminded of our happy travels.
at home with reviving charmreviving charm at home dresser details

The small tray was a Valentine’s Day gift from Mr. B. that has a heartwarming quote inscribed inside.  Naturally, it’s a treasured gift.reviving charm at home details

The sterling silver vase was from a group of silver inherited from my grandparent’s estate. I use it constantly for fresh flowers and it usually floats throughout the house. I decided to leave it in it’s highly tarnished state for now although that goes in cycles. Sometimes I polish it and other times I enjoy the tarnish and patina. I just depends on my mood. Flowers usually come from the farmer’s market or our own garden.  I enjoy having fresh flowers regularly in our home.BEDROOM OF REVIVING CHARM

A larger bouquet of these pink beauties sit on the living room coffee table at the moment. Maybe you have seen them on my Instagram feed? If not you can see them here.

reviving charm flowers at home

Many years ago I had several pairs of sunglasses that were accidently thrown away. They ended up in a trash dumpster and by the time I figured out what happened it was too late. My favorite Gucci and Prada sunglasses (among other designer pairs) were among the casualties. It’s been several years since that incident and I am still trying to recover from that fateful fashion emergency. But today is a new day and given that it is actually National Sunglasses Day I plan to use this as an excuse opportunity to buy a new pair. After all, sunglasses are more than a just a fashion statement, they are the most important accessory in your wardrobe and a good pair will help protect your peepers from the damaging UV rays. For more information how sunglasses can help protect your eyes be sure to visit The Vision Council. 

If anyone needs me I plan on being at my local mall, South Coast Plaza (aka Rodeo Drive of Orange County) buying a new pair of sunglasses…after all, there’s no such thing as too many sunglasses!


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