Reviving Charm Goes to Italy 

italy scrapbook Reviving Charm

Buon Giorno! I am very happy to announce that Mr. B and I are hopping on a jet plane and flying off to Italy today. I am over the moon excited because we have a deep love affair with Italy. It must have something to do with the fact that it’s in our DNA. We will be staying in a total of five cities but our trip begins and ends in Milan, one of the great cities of the world. It’s a very chic, urban, and cosmopolitan city. And because of these reasons, I happen to actually love Milano. However, I am always intrigued to learn how others feel about this great city. I have found that most people either love it or hate it. There’s usually no middle ground.

Even now I miss Italy dearly, I dream about it every night – Eila Hiltunen

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It’s hard for me to believe it’s been over ten years since I started creating the photo carousel project highlighted in this post. It is filled with nothing but pictures from our numerous trips to Italy dating back to 2004 and is still a work in progress. When Mr. B and I are back, rest assured that I will be adding more pages to it. But for now let’s flip through a few pages together, shall we…italy scrapbook Reviving Charm 2

So you can get a sense of scale, the smallest page is slightly little larger than a standard business card. I used a variety of items (glitter, stickers, ribbon, rubber stamps, rub-ons, etc.) to embellish each page. I pulled out all the stops by using metallic gold thread to sew a zig-zag stitch on one of the pages (see the first picture at the top of this post).

italy scrapbook Reviving Charm 5There are pictures of Mr. B and I scattered among the pages, but the project really focuses on details that capture a slice of Italian life. Coins, train tickets, portions of maps, and ticket stubs are also things I managed to include. For example, the linen pocket below holds business cards picked up at just a few of the wonderful places we’ve had an opportunity to visit over the years.  italy scrapbook Reviving Charm 1grand hotel et de milan Reviving Charm

italy scrapbook Reviving Charm 7 gypsiesgelato favorites Reviving Charmlake como reviving charm scrapbookitaly travel ATC Reviving CharmYou may have noticed how I like incorporating inspirational quotes into many of my blog posts. However, it wasn’t until this particular post that I realized that this was something I was already doing some 10 years ago when I started this project. reviving charm in italyI hope you enjoyed this glimpse at of one of my most prized possessions. Every time I flip through the pages it brings back very happy memories of our travels to a place we love dearly. Even though we are away,  I have still have posts planned for the website so don’t forget to check in.  I will also be posting on Instagram so be sure to follow me around. Ciao!  

5 thoughts on “Reviving Charm Goes to Italy 

    • Reviving Charm says:

      Thanks Gerri! Spring is a wonderful time to travel and Italy is particularly lovely that time of year. I’ll look forward to hopefully reading about your trip too!

  1. Karen B. says:

    Happy travels, my friend. I know you love Italy so savor every moment. Bring back pictures and memories to share with us! Your photos/cards and embellishments is a great way to remember each and every favorite moment.

    • Reviving Charm says:

      Hi Karen, thanks so much for your well wishes. I do hope to share some fun things when I’m back. I hope all is well with you!

  2. After Orange County says:

    Vanessa, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS on making a trip to Italy, my former home away from home. I have mixed feelings about Milan, so I must not have experienced it the way you do My oldest son went there recently and stayed in a fabulous VRBO apartment and did Milan as a local. He loved it! I can’t wait for the travel posts we’ll be seeing here after your return. I am blown away by your photo carousel! You have created something VERY unique and special here: a Carousel Scrapbook. So very clever! Wishing you safe travels. Hope you get to buy another Max Mara coat. They certainly are fabulous, as are all the women of Italy who know how to dress like none others. In fact, I read once that the average Italian woman spends 50% of her income on her high quality wardrobe. CIAO!

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