Shall I Spell It Out For You?

I just realized that I haven’t written any articles dealing with curb appeal since “Naming A Home”, which I posted in 2015. When it comes to curb appeal, one shouldn’t overlook details such as doorbell or mailbox design because they are such an easy way to reinforce the style and character of your home. Another way to do so is by the way you choose to deal with address numbers. They are obviously functional, but can also be stylish.

I’ll admit to not loving the address numbers we inherited when we bought our house over five years ago but after scouring the internet I haven’t found anything suitable to replace them with. I always thought that when we got around to replacing our address numbers that we’d select something that you’d typically find in New England. I had my heart set on ordering something from the Chatham Sign Shop until I recently realized how much I love the look of script/cursive address numbers. In the end, I’m not sure which style will win out. Since we aren’t looking to redo the exterior of our home until perhaps next summer I have a bit of time to decide and it really will depend on the extent of renovations we do to the home. In the meantime, let’s explore a few examples together. script address sign_reviving charm 2

script address numbers detail_reviving charm

I’ve seen vinyl and painted options but I would definitely prefer to have the numbers fabricated from metal.
address_scripts_signs_reviving charm

cursive address sign_reviving charm

The next three pictures are coincidently homes of a similar architectural style. Our home looks nothing like any of these but they make me want to paint our house white to give our ranch home more of a seaside cottage feel. I also really like how the numbers are actually spelled out. If I choose to go the script sign route, spelling out the numbers is probably the look I’d be going for. script address numbers_Reviving Charm

cursive address numbers_reviving charm 3

script address sign_reviving charm 3

Here’s an example of a thicker font. Personally, I prefer a thinner, more delicate looking font like the examples above. script address_reviving charm

address sign font_reviving charm

There are variations on a theme that also include a classic block letter which is also very nice.

block address numbers_reviving charm

Actual spacing of the letters is also something to take into consideration. Spacing the letters closer together, as shown in the picture above, appears more formal than if they are spaced farther apart (below).

address numbers spelled out_reviving charm

So…what’s your preference when it comes it house numbering? 

4 thoughts on “Shall I Spell It Out For You?

  1. Karen B. says:

    I’ve always liked the scripted numbers. One of my favorite examples is in Corona del Mar and it is done in a very pretty font and it reads: No. 546. Fun post.

  2. After Orange County says:

    What a great topic! To tell you the truth I never even thought about the idea of using script lettering to number a house but I just LOVE it! I pinned several of the photos for future reference. For my latest fixer-upper I purchased some very inexpensive house numbers from Target online of all places and they transformed the front of the cottage. I agree house numbers are important to curb appeal. Nothing like sweating the details;)

  3. jeweledangel says:

    Great examples, I’m looking now! I have a long address: 28941 I’m wondering if I should do No. 28941, spell it out as in twenty-eight ninety-four one or do the #s and street name?!

    • Reviving Charm says:

      Long address numbers can be tricky. In this case, I’m partial to your last option, but its personal preference. Remember, while attractive, it still should remain functional for visitors and emergency responders to locate your home, if ever needed. Good luck! I’d love to know what option you end up choosing.

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