Shopping at 123 Farm and Highland Springs Resort

The charm and allure of California never ceases to amaze me. I was born and raised in Southern California and am happy to say that there are always new and exciting discoveries for me in this Golden State!  I recently attended a Lavender Festival held at the 123 Farm in Cherry Valley, California. It is an amazingly beautiful property sitting adjacent to the Highland Springs Resort (both are owned by the same owner).  Over 90 different varieties of lavender are grown over 20 acres (the entire property is over 900 acres). Needless to say, the grounds are breathtaking and the aroma in the air is heavenly.IMG_6695

Walking around the vast property feels like taking a step back in time. In the late 1800’s the property was originally developed with a hotel. However, it wasn’t until the 1920’s when the property was used as a health resort and renamed “Highland Springs Resort”. It played host to many Hollywood stars and notable figures. Wonderful pictorial history is on their website.

Today, Highland Springs Resort does not function as a “resort” in the traditional sense.  Instead, it serves as more of a retreat/event facility. It also plays backdrop to many wedding photo shoots.  The property definitely maintains the charm of a vintage summer camp with original old structures and mature landscape growth.  It’s the kind of property that is full of potential.  With a significant dollar investment the property could be transformed into a modern day rustic resort (I’m picturing a resort/spa getaway) that could easily fetch top dollar for an overnight stay.  Dear Highland Springs Resort…. if you ever decide to do so I will be the first in line to book a weekend stay at your beautiful property…


One of the favorite parts of my day was navigating my way through a small collection of vintage cottages that were transformed into various one-room shop spaces for the event.  Come join my on my shopping trip through several of the cottages. DSC_0005edit


Cottage numbers are permanently etched into the concrete at the entrance of each room.


Above each doorway is a wood plaque announcing each cottage room number.


Rustic charm at the entrance to one of the cottage rooms.


Each cottage shop highlighted a single product or a variation on a theme.  Each cottage shop was decorated appropriately with the greatest of vignettes to show off their respective goods.  “Bravo” to whoever decorated the spaces because each were absolutely charming.

The Lemonade Stand

A charming pathway leading each of the individual shops.

On such a hot day in California, naturally I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to taste some ice cold beverages.



Talk about bringing the outdoors in! I might have to borrow the idea of pinning a branch to a wall and framing it to create a living piece of artwork!

The Yarn Shop

Wool yarn is hand dyed using leaves and flowers to create beautiful colors created and inspired by nature.  The process of using natural materials to dye fabric and yarn is so intriguing to me. It’s definitely something on my to-do list to try someday.


Hand dyed yarn


The Honey Shop



Such a charming display of beeswax



The Tea Shop

This lovely lady tempted me with organic flowers and lavender tea. It has a natural sweet flavor that would be great served chilled or hot.


I’m so glad you were able to tag along with me on my shopping excursion at 123 Farms. Take a look at some of the products I came home with. Given the fact that I don’t cook and I rarely bake, I think I got a little carried away with the purchases! Oh well, this will force me to come up with something unique and exciting. A culinary adventure awaits…IMG_0166

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