I can’t go on a vacation without buying something…anything…to bring home. A vacation never really feels complete without coming home with a token picked up somewhere along the trip. The souvenirs I enjoy the most are those that I can use to decorate our home. They are visual reminders of wonderful trips and happy times. I love walking through our home and recalling a memory about a particular piece; where we acquired it or how we acquired it. Sometimes the story behind the memento is just as interesting as the piece itself.

vintage antique sign original photo by REVIVING CHARM

The thrill of a discovering a keepsake is always exhilarating but one of the best parts is coming home and actually unpacking our found treasures. Mr. B and I spend the Fourth of July weekend in Julian, California and one of the highlights was visiting the antique, vintage, and junks shops (some places felt like walking onto the set of Sanford & Son) during our long weekend away. The suitcases were unpacked and loads of clothes washed immediately but I didn’t get around to unpacking my wrapped souvenirs until this past weekend. I forgot what I bought so it really did feel like Christmas in July. Here’s a glimpse at our finds.SOUVENIERS FROM JULIAN CALIFORNIA BY REVIVING CHARM

The hammered silver will be used for flowers picked from the garden, as well as the hobnail and Fenton glass pieces. The lady that sold me the silver asked if I was okay with the “dents” in the silver. I had a moment of panic and asked her to point them out since I didn’t see any dents. After a bit of discussion she clarified herself  and said she was talking about the “dents all over the pieces”. She was actually trying to describe the hand hammered pattern on each of the pieces which is an intentional design characteristic by the manufacturer and not a flaw.

I grabbed the wood framed Federal style mirror off the wall without even knowing its price. I have always wanted one and I squealed with delight inside my head  after seeing the price tag: a mere $18. This was purchased from the same lady who sold me the “dented silver”.

federal style mirror via REVIVING CHARM

I have to credit Mr. B for finding the metal pineapple doorstopper because I completely overlooked it. It needs a light cleaning but it has already been put to good use. Mr. B really is the best shopping companion…the best companion in general. PINEAPPLE DOORSTOP by REVIVING CHARM

All photos are original by Reviving Charm.

7 thoughts on “SOUVENIERS

  1. After Orange County says:

    Gosh, I’d like to be your shopping companion, as I love everything you discovered!! How lucky you were to find the trophy cups. Years ago I was in Tallinn, Estonia and found an antique shop with a whole bunch of old trophy cups, engraved in some strange dialect. I bought 2, wishing I could buy them all but knew I lacked space in my suitcase for more. I enjoy those cups so much, as they are perfect for flower arrangements and really tell a story and remind me of a very exotic trip.

    • Reviving Charm says:

      What a wonderful story about your trophy cups from Estonia and such a great reminder of your trip. We have a “system”. We ALWAYS pack an extra bag or suitcase for souvenirs. We’ve been very creative with “carry on” and at times have had items shipped Fed-X.

      I bet if the two of us went shopping, we’d be a dangerous duo! lol. But it would be fun!

  2. Karen B. says:

    I’m with you, a vacation isn’t a vacation without some little treasure to remember it by. I love some of the great things you’ve found along the trail.

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